I tried Cryotherapy!!!

cryo 2Last year my friend Kitsy told me about something called Cryotherapy and I was like, Cryo whaaaaaat? Apparently it’s where you sit in a freezer for a few minutes for health benefits. I didn’t know much about it and didn’t really think about it again until another friend of mine told me about it again a few weeks ago. We were talking about getting together for lunch and she suggested we try it before lunch. I said, why not…count me in.

The cool thing about writing this blog and not having a full time job…lol, is I have more time than I used to before. I decided that during this “time off” I am going to try some new experiences and I was gonna start with Cryotherapy thing. So I head to Roswell to Chill & Body to check it out.

I met one of the owners of Chill & Body Anthony and he explained it more to me while we sat in chairs with leg massagers on and relaxed. Now THAT was nice. So Cryotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment in the U.S. and it’s a safe and non-invasive treatment where the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures in order to promote self-healing and achieve other health, wellness and beauty related goals. It’s used for athletes (which I soooo am not) so I wanted to learn more about the health and beauty benefits! 

So I did it.  I went into a little dressing room and threw on a robe over my undergarments, headed over to what looks like a stand up tanning bed with some gloves and footie socks on and walked in to the chamber. The max is three minutes and I wanted to see how long I could go. I went to 2:30 because it was getting coooooold. It was such an odd experience but I was so intrigued and I am glad I tried it. After, I went to lunch with my girlfriend and said I thought my neck and back pain felt a little better and by the time I got home, did carpool and then went back out to meet my bestie for dinner, I had ALOT of energy! I can’t explain it…I just felt good. I don’t drink caffeine anymore but I would liken it to that energized feeling you have after you drink coffee or after a nice long walk.

So there ya go. Three minutes and you feel better? I think I may get into this Cryotherapy thing! Anyone else ever try this before?

Xo Surviving Mommy

cryo 3


Watch more on the benefits of Cryotherapy here.

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