Check it out! My Mom got her first tattoo!


I seriously love my mother! Anyone who knows me most likely knows about my Momma Jane. She has lived with us since my youngest daughter Luna was born. Luna is just under two and a half. She has survived Cancer four times and that (among many things) makes her pretty cool in my book!

My mom and I have always been very close too. We get along really well and she is one of my biggest supporters! We are definitely BFF’s! When I was 19 years old and wanted to get my first tattoo she went with me. THAT was just pretty cool in itself. She said she was going to get one too but then admitted she was too chicken and would do it another time. Fast forward many years and a few more tattoos later (for me), she has always said…”it’s on my bucket list and I am going to do it!”

So over the weekend we went to Senoia, GA where they film The Walking Dead. A friendtattoo2 Nolan had recommended Cornerstone Tattoo and I wanted to get my celebratory next chapter tattoo, “la joie de vivre” and mom said she was IN too! My Hubster Eric took the girls around the quaint little town of Senoia while Mom and I went to go get “inked!” lol  Andrew (aka Ed Sheeran’s long lost twin brother) and Bryan from Cornerstone were so sweet and totally helpful with mom. Mom told Andrew what she wanted to get and he drew it up for her. She chose a butterfly with a J in the middle for my dad James. She said it hurt a bit but I could tell she was super happy and it was neat watching her cross something else off her bucket list. (Like our trip to Paris last year!)

It was neat because there was another mom Shelly and her daughter in there too and her daughter was getting a tattoo in honor of her grandma who had just passed away in December. It was neat to watch them bond and I loved that there were two sets of us Moms and Daughters doing this at the same time!

My mom rocks and I love her so much! She is well past the age of, ahem..I will say 50 since she reads my blog (Hi mom!) and I just LOVE that she is up for doing crazy stuff like this…you go Momma Jane!

Xo Surviving Mommy




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