Look out! I’m bringing fanny pack…yah!

Sing it with me…I’m bringing fanny pack…yah! lol Look, if you were a kid of the 90’s then you get it. And if you were a kid of the 90’s then you probably don’t wanna see it again. UNLESS you are like me and think it is one of the GREATEST ideas ever. :Awwww yahhh! Say welcome back to the fanny pack! Last year sometime, it dawned on me as I was toting another crossbody purse across my chest so I could have my hands free and I thought, ugh! Enough of the divided strap splitting the girls up. Ladies, you know what I mean. You put that crossbody bag across your body and it cuts right in the middle of the girls no matter how small or big your crossbody purse is right?! Well, a wise woman told last year me when I was buying yet another new crossbody purse on sale, “you know if you just tighten the strap you can wear it around your waist like a fanny pack.” MIND BLOWN!

File Apr 15, 10 47 21 AMMany many years ago I splurged on a little black Coach crossbody purse that I used all of the time and it has now officially become a FANNY PACK! That’s right.File Apr 15, 10 54 36 AM Whether it’s a stroll around the ‘hood OR a trip to Walt Disney World, I’m wearing my crossbody as a fanny pack. Yep! In fact, I have acquired many little crossbody bags over the years and I think I may them ALL into fanny packs. Why? Because it’s just a great idea. Really. They just sit there at your waist, all comfortable, not bothering you, giving your hands lots of freedom. They never want to leave your side (although some would say they should-lol) but they are just good little bags. They are right there when you need them, ready to hold your phone, chapstick, wallet, whatever.

Fanny packs are ready for anything! Annnnd Disney Style just proclaimed that Fanny Packs Are Back for Spring 2018 so I’m just saying…you heard it here first. They are back my friends AND jusssst in time for my birthday (which is October 20th…hint, hint!)

So laugh at me and judge away when you see me out but I will be sportin’ my fanny packs proudly because…I’m bringing fanny pack…yah!


XO Cindy

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