Look what I found from my childhood!

Newspaper 1I had the BEST childhood. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (like, totally rad) in Los Angeles, California and I
looooooooooved my neighborhood! Seriously. Growing up, I was also a little entrepreneur. I was always finding creative ways to make money and entertain people. If it would make us money, my childhood best friend Valerie and I would do it. We washed cars, mowed lawns, walked dogs, had a candy shop and put on local shows for the neighbors. I remember putting on a show with Valerie and doing this friendship song from I Love Lucy. I think we thought we were going to be TV stars someday. Although neither of us became actors, I can at least say that my BFF Valerie had a small walk up the stairs part in the movie Pretty In Pink, which was THE coolest thing growing up because that is one of my favorite movies. I mean she got to meet Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy AND Jon Cryer! Stop it! But I digress. lol

One of the GREATEST things we ever did when we were kids though was start a neighborhood newspaper. We called it the Neighborhood News. NEWS for Nagle, Wixom and Stagg. (We didn’t have anything for the E, lol). Those three streets were our Newspaper 2 HALF neighborhood, complete with a cul-de-sac, in North Hollywood, California. Recently, I came across a few issues of the “Neighborhood NeWS” when up in our attic and I squealed. We were so little when we did this newspaper and we LOVED doing it! We would use my mom’s typewriter (yes, TYPEWRITER) and then give the paper to my mom to “zerox” at work (yes zerox, ya know, the kickin’ it old- school name for “copy”) and then sell them to our neighbors for 25cents. We had to make money! Whether it was to buy clothes from Clothestime or save our money to go to Disneyland…we were about making money at a young age!

I had to share a few of the pages with you because it’s just too funny. I wrote a weather report and then ended it like I was onVal Cindy the radio…with a French twist of course! Valerie’s older brother Brandon wrote and drew the comics and we even had a classified section aka “C & V Cheap Labor!” HAHAHAHA Look at us! 🙂

How did you make money when you were a kid?

XO Surviving Mommy


Newspaper 4

Newspaper 3



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