Matchy Match…what do you recommend?

I have two daughters. Lily who just turned nine and Luna who is about to be two next month.  Why the big age difference you ask? Well, truthfully it wasn’t my initial plan. Divorce and then that whole Breast Cancer thing got in the way. Amazing how that stuff can throw a wrench into your plans. The thing is though, I have to really remember that I am not the one who gets to make the plan, so I am pretttttty ok with having two awesome little girls who are seven years apart.

That being said, my oldest likes for everyone to match. And by everyone, I mean her and her sister. (Well and sometimes me and Grandma. lol) But it’s pretty challenging to find matching sister clothes with such a big age gap. SO I submit to you, dear Surviving Mommy readers, where are the best places to find matching sister clothes that come in toddler size and big girl size? Thanks for your help!



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