Meet Connor!

tractor2Last year my youngest daughter Luna got a John Deere tractor with a guy in it that she named Michael. You can read the story here. She loooooooves Michael. While Michael doesn’t always play in his tractor, he goes everywhere with her. He sleeps in the dollhouse, hangs out with Barbie, rides in the car with us. Luna loves Michael. This has been an almost year long friendship.

Recently, our eight month old puppy Loki decided he loved Michael too. He loved Michael so much so he bit off his arm. Thankfully, this did NOT happen in front of Luna. I imagined at three years old, it would have been traumatizing. 😉 When I saw what happened, I instantly had Mom panic. What do I do? Do I tell her? Do I hide mangled Michael? I wasn’t throwing away this perfectly good toy with the missing arm. But I needed to think. I did what any normal mom would do who writes and shares stories for a living. I took to social media to post a picture of Michael. lol I then called my husband Eric to tell him the bad news. We both weren’t sure what to do but we knew we didn’t want to lie.

Of course everyday Luna asked me if I had seen Michael. Because I didn’t want to lie, I just looked at her blankly. That’s different than lying right? lol A few days File Jul 14, 4 09 53 PMlater my Momma Jane and I were at Walmart and Mom mentioned to Luna that she could pick out one toy under $5. So while my mom went to pick up something from another aisle, I took Luna to the toys and she picked out this guy with the helicopter. When we got home later, she was in loooooove with this new guy and couldn’t put him down. His name is Conner.

When I went back on social media to report the news…a wise person named Farrah suggested on my recent post of mangled Michael that I just tell Luna what happened but explain to her that we can still love Michael anyway…arm missing and all. DUH DUH DUHHHHH. Potential PF on my part. PPF. Potential Parent Fail. Why didn’t I think of that first. But I guess that’s why they say…it takes a village. 

File Jul 14, 4 09 35 PMSo sure enough…I sat Luna down and told her the truth about what happened and told her that Conner was gonna need to help Michael because he was one arm down. That they would be like brothers or best friends. That because Conner was taller and bigger than Michael, that he could help Michael do stuff since Michael was missing his arm. We talked about how our love for Michael doesn’t change because he doesn’t have an arm or because he looks different that Conner. God made us ALL in his image and loves us all the same. She totally got it and loved the idea and now she plays with Conner AND Michael and they take tons of helicopter rides together and even both live in the dollhouse! #BestFriends4Life

XO Surviving Mommy



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