My daughters are obsesssssssed with Disney’s ZOOTOPIA in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime!

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You know when you have a GREAT customer experience, you wanna tell the world? No? You’re right because usually the world we live in seems to be filled with people complaining instead of complimenting right?. Well, I have to take a minute to RAAAAVE about my Dolby Cinema experience at AMC Prime at AMC Northpoint Mall 12 Theaters.


A few weeks ago I wrote about a chance to win tickets to take your family to see a special screening of the new Disney movie Zootopia at this theater. (Check out Melissa and Astrid’s families who won
at the top of the page!) The reason this was such a special screening is because for this FIRST week ONLY of Disney’s Zootopia, (as in this week), they are showing it in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime.

Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Screen
Basically, being in this theater is like being IN the movie. For reals. First of all, the theater is so niiiiiiiiice and SUPER clean and new which I am kinda obsessed with. The screen is GINORMOUS and the seats are like something out of your living room AND they pulsate with certain action parts of the movie. Kinda like you’re riding a ride like Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Soarin’ at Disney’s Epcot. I don’t know who was happier about these seats and theater, the kids or my husband Eric.


So really what you should do is run, not walk, to Alpharetta at some point this week and see Disney’s Zooptopia IN Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime at AMC Northpoint!! Not in Atlanta? No prob, we’ve got ya covered below!

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Oh and of course Zootopia was awesome as ALL Disney movies are. Beautifully done and a great message. Judy Hopps is my ten year old Lily’s favorite new character! A strong girl! Alllll week my three year old Luna asked when we were going to see Disney’s “Newtopia”. hee hee Every time we saw a preview on TV she would get so excited and she hasn’t stopped talking about is since we got home. The girls loved Zootopia so much that they wore their new Judy and Nick headbands at dinner.

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They also can’t stop singing Shakira’s “Try Everything” song from the movie! Our family definitely gives Zootopia a big ol’ thumbs up!


Here’s a listing of all of the AMC theaters playing Disney’s Zootopia this week only in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime!




New Jersey

Northern California

Southern California










XO Surviving Mommy

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