My Mom OWNED this costume at Disney!

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I can’t explain why but when our family dresses up together, it just brings me so much joy. Like an insanely immense amount of joy.

When we decided a while back we were going to do our very first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, my creative costume juices got to flowin’. I loooooove to be sillyIMG_2203 and dress up! We have dressed up the last two years for our Christmas card pictures which we love and you can see here. We dressed up for an 80’s party we went to on a blogger conference trip last year and of course, duh…we wear matching shirts pretty much every time we do Disney. So what I’m saying is I’m no stranger to being silly with my family and they are so used to it by now and willingly participate.

Lock ShockThe Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies EVER! I love Disney, I love Tim Burton, I love Danny Elfman (who does all of the music) I love Halloween…I LOVE IT ALL! So deciding to do a family Nightmare Before Christmas costume was a no-brainer. However, we had to figure out who was going to be who. My hubster and I as Jack and Sally seemed easy. The girls decided they wanted to be the kids Lock, Shock and Barrel, minus the Barrel because we only have two kids. lol The one I knew was going to make the family costume though would be Grandma. We had bought her a chair with wheels to take on our trip so she could get around so to me, it just made perfect sense that she would be Dr. Finkelstein…the mad scientist in the wheelchair. However, getting Grandma on board was a different story. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Dr. Finkelstein is not what one would say…attractive. In fact, he’s kind of heinous. Once I explained to Grandma that her costume would be KEY to making this family costume a success…she got it and was finally IN!

I started putting the costumes together months ago. I don’t sew but I also can’t afford to buy fully made costumes either and plus, that’s no fun so I did aDr Finkelstein and Jack combination. I found my Sally costume on sale online and added some tights and striped socks from Amazon. Plus my stylish black boot cover from CastCoverz for my broken foot! Same with Eric’s Jack Skellington costume. His was a discontinued adult-onesie Jack costume that I found. For my 11 yo’s Lily’s Shock costume, I found her a purple previously owned dress on eBay and her witch hat with attached hair was from Amazon. My three year old Luna’s Lock costume was made up of red leggings and red shoes that used to be her older sisters and I just bought her a red shirt. For Grandma’s Dr. Finkelstein…I already had a white Dr’s coat so I just had to buy her some white leggings, some black rubber gloves and black round glasses. All of which I found on Amazon. Her head was a different story. lol I headed to Micheals and found a half round piece of styrofoam. Getting it to stay on her head and look real was a different story. I enlisted the help of one of my crafty nieghbors Kristen and she put inserts inside the hat to hold it in place on her head and then got these spikey little pegs to insert all around the hat and sprayed it all with some white paint/gloss. It was PERFECT!

Dr FinkelsteinWhile we were getting ready for the party at the hotel, I got a little stressed. Getting five people dressed in costumes and with painted hair and make-up in a short amount of time (we just HAD to ride the new Frozen ride at Epcot so we got a little behind, ha!) was alot, but when everyone was ready I almost burst into tears. The entire family looked AWESOME and everyone was so happy! And Momma Jane? She stole the show! When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, people were dying over our costumes. Almost every person who passed us said, “GREAT costumes!” It was so much fun. Mom, I mean, Dr. Finkelstein, got wheeled around like a rock star and people just couldn’t stop ooohing and ahhhing over her costume. I mean she totally OWNED it! Every time I looked over at my family, I almost had tears streaming down my face. I was so happy! The girls had so much fun and they really stayed in character and my hubster made a perfect Jack Skellington! I think separately they were good costumes but all of us together, it was totally complete!

We rode our favorite ride Haunted Mansion, watched our new favorite parade, Mickey’s Boo To You Parade, enjoyed the Sanderson Sisters in the Hocus PocusNightmare Before Christmas Villains Spelltacular show and ended the night with the amazing Hallowishes fireworks. While we did try several times to get in line to take a picture with the characters Jack Skellington and Sally, the line was always over an hour wait, which makes sense as they only come out during Halloween and it was just not meant to be. However, it was all good because when they saw us walk by, we got a wave and a thumbs up so it made the kids’ night!

Our first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party (and definitely not last) was EVERYTHING! I seriously love my family! What a fantastic memory!

XO Surviving Mommy

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