My New Year’s resolution is to exercise. Really? Gag!

I have never been a gym person. Never! Sure, I go through phases where I “try” and be a gym person but yahhhhh, that is short lived. Over the course of my life however, I have found three things that I enjoy as far as exercising and that also usually work.

1. Walking

2. Pilates


3. Wii Just Dance

Four years ago I survived Breast Cancer and after I was done with that battle, I was given some medication to take for five years to help keep that Breast Cancer away. Unfortunately, the major side effect of the medicine is weight gain. Yay! I was off the medicine while I was pregnant with my baby Luna. (Ok, I say baby, but she is two but whatever, don’t judge. lol) and once I gave birth to her I had to go back on the medicine so I never lost my baby weight.  That being said, the whole getting to live thing obviously outweighs the being thin thing so I try not to be too hard on myself. Given that I will have a large amount of free time on my hands soon (more on that on this Friday’s blog so), I plan to get back to incorporating some sort of exercise back in my life once time finally allows.

Over the weekend though, we pulled out our Wii Just Dance games. It had been a while since we did this and I forgot how it really is such a fun way to burn some calories but not really feel like you are working out.  The girls seem to like it too and what do they say? The family that exercises together stays together?  Ok, that’s not what they say but I definitely think it’s a good way for our fam to be healthier if we can sometimes do this together.

So I am going to become friends with my Wii again and start taking walks again. And while taking those walks, I am even gonna stop and smell the roses because THAT is what is important right? That’s sort of one of the neat things about Surviving BC. You get slapped in the face with the reminder that life is so short and you should remember to enjoy every minute of it. Even if it’s when you are exercising! 😉

What non gym thing do you do to keep your heart pumping?

XO Surviving Mommy

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