My NYC weekend, all in one blog!

2015-07-16 19.22.33A few weeks ago I went to NYC for a blogger conference called Blogger Bash. Don’t know what a Blogger Bash is then click HERE! This may have been one of the coolest events I have ever been a part of and I wanted to share some of my highlights. Even if you don’t blog, just sit back and enjoy something new! Just like I did!2015-07-15 17.54.41

We started the night before Blogger Bash going to a super fun event at Delta Children, who make so many amazing pieces of furniture, strollers, cribs, gliders, you name it…all for kids! Boy, I wanted to take it all back with me and immediately have another baby! lol

The toys. The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event. This is an annual party that allows us bloggers aka influencers to get our hands on the hottest new toys on the market while stuffing our faces with sweet treats. I know, tough gig huh?! There were TONS of toy manufacturers there showing us the latest and greatest and 2015-07-16 15.36.54hottest toys that I was a bit overwhelmed…in a good way! My oldest Lily is SO into Shopkins and I was excited to come home and tell her that Season 3 is out now. Goldiblox was there and Lily got her first Goldiblox last year and loves it! Goldiblox is all about teaching young girls about building and engineering AND they love to celebrate famous women so I had to take a picture pretending to be Amelia Earhart! Leapfrog, which BOTH my girls have been playing with since they were babies! Some of our other family faves at Sweet Suite were Build-A-Bear which my girls could shop at once a week (literally), ChronoBomb, a new game we can’t wait to play, Tomy featuring Inside Out, Bonjour Petit cus duh, we are the most non-French, obsessed with French everything family ever and oh about 100 more companies that blew me away with their products.

The food. The Care Bears hosted a brunch and we learned all about becoming #ShareYourCare ambassadors. I left feeling all warm and fuzzy, pun intended. Disney Infinity fed us a yummy breakfast and shared with us that the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack, featuring the Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic Play Set is coming August 30th! My ten year old daughter is on the newer side of the gaming world and I cannot wait to make this our next purchase! We2015-07-17 13.04.08 are obsessed with Disney and Star Wars and we all walked away with a Han Solo character AND Mulan. I don’t know who was more excited, her or Mommy! ha ha The Peanuts Movie hosted a lunch that was so yummy and we got a sneak peek of the new Peanuts Movie in theaters November 6th! We also got to meet the voices behind the characters…such talent!

The VIP Experience with Project Gravitas. This, hands down was one of the coolest things I have ever done! I didn’t even know what gravitas meant but I quickly learned. Dignity, Importance, Depth, Substance. This insanely amazing woman Lisa Sun started Project Gravitas because she was once told she didn’t have any gravitas. You HAVE to read her story because it is super inspiring! So get this, we got to go over to the Project Gravitas offices and factory and Lisa (THE DESIGNER HERSELF) picked out one of her dresses best suited for each of us six women who got to have this experience and we each walked away with a brand new Project Gravitas dress. CRAZY! Lisa basically showed us that having ‘gravitas” means to own your moment. Lisa’s team is super awesome… Henry the designer, Susanna, the Project Gravitas PR team (Nancy, Alita) and everybody else who made us feel so special that day. Oh and let me tell you the best part. Duh! The WHY the Project Gravitas dresses are so amazing. They have built-in shapewear. Let me repeat that for you…THEY HAVE BUILT IN SHAPEWEAR! Seriously…built INTO the dress. And now your mind is blown, right?! I haven’t bought a little black dress in foreeeeever because between having 2015-07-17 15.53.30Luna two years ago and being on this breast cancer medicine, I haven’t felt, well, I am sure you know. But this Project Gravitas dress? Yahhhh, it made me look AND feel like a million bucks! Plus another Blogger Bash company Amrita Singh outfitted us with some gorgeous and edgy jewelry to wear with our new Project Gravitas dresses during the fashion show at Blogger Bash. (PS. Want to win a FREE Amrita Singh bracelet? Head over to my Surviving Mommy Facebook page!) Oh and check out me owning my moment with the Miss Project Gravitas herself, Lisa Sun.  Lisa and her team were so nice to us bloggers and she wanted to give you, my Surviving Mommy readers, $30 off your purchase so just use the code SUMMER30 when you shop at Project Gravitas! Oh and did I mention that she also has jackets, accessories and handbags. Gah. Handbags…I am doomed!

After that amazing fashion day, my other favorite part of the Blogger Bash weekend was speaking on a panel with some pretty amazing women! Joey Fortman 2015-07-18 00.46.18from Real Mom Media (who is one of the founders of Blogger Bash and a dear friend) led the panel with myself, Rene Syler, of the very famous Good Enough Mother, Jennaphr Frederick from FOX 29 News in Phily and Maria Bailey who is basically queen of everything and anything having to do with Moms aka THE voice of moms! When I grow up, I want to be her! 😉 We spoke to our fellow Blogger Bash attendees about being kind, uplifting other women and not forgetting to be focus on what is truly important when you are in the middle of this crazy thing called life!

Overall my trip to New York for Blogger Bash was a pretty amazing experience. I walked in not knowing very many of the other women and walked out feeling happier, stronger, making tons of new friends, networking with some pretty amazing brands and feeling very welcomed into a brand new community. Man, do I feel lucky!

XO Surviving Mommy


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