National Mom’s Night Out!


I love getting time with my mom friends. Sometimes it is just good for your woman soul to get a moment with the ladies, sharing conversation, snacks and even a little drinky drink. I have lived in my neighborhood for less than a year so I am still getting to know the ladies in the neighborhood and I thought throwing a mom’s get together would be a perfect excuse to do some neighborly mom bonding! Plus my own Momma Jane lives with us so I got to have MY mom join the party too! Perfect and just in time for Mother’s Day!

So I signed up to host a National Mom’s Night Out and as one of the hosts of the National Moms Night Out, I received a box of free products to share with the ladies which was so mom3cool. I made cute decorations thanks to My Printly, gave the girls a goody bag filled with stuff from MyPrintly, some fun Bicycle playing cards and we even got to check out the new movie Mom’s Night Out. Moms Night Out is a fun, family, faith-based movie starring Patricia Heaton from everybody Loves Raymond and cutie Sean Astin from Goonies and Lord of the Rings. My mom friend Amy made some yummy snacks for us and we all just sat around, sipped drinks and talked…it was such a fun night spending time with these ladies and getting to know them better.

I love that we are all different types of mommas too. We had a mom of twins, older moms, younger moms, grandmas and even a brand new mom…as in a one week old baby! A great way to kick off Mother’s Day weekend!

I am happy to say…my first National Moms Night Out…SUCCESS!

What do you all do when you hang with your mom friends?

XO Surviving Mommy






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