No Taco Bell…please don’t! PLEASE!


My love for Taco Bell started when I was a little girl growing up in Los Angeles, California. Sigh. Taco Bell. Oh how I love thee. My mom would take my little brother and me and we would always eat tacos and nachos. Momma Jane would always get a bean burrito and I loved when she did because she would always peel off the part of the burrito with the extra tortilla and give it to me. Although I didn’t want to eat the tortilla part if it had beans on it. Ewwww I thought…beans, yuck.  Now, Every single time I eat at Taco Bell, I get a bean burrito…no onions, add lettuce. lol

The funny thing is our family doesn’t really eat “fast food.” We have a tendency to “try” andtacobellfamily eat on the “healthier” side. Try being the key word there though. HOWEVER and I say this with a big fat HOWEVER…when we do eat fast food, Taco Bell is the ONLY place we go.

When they announced they were serving breakfast, I took some co-workers and we went the very first morning! As usual, they did not disappoint. Every single person in my life knows of my love for Taco Bell. Years ago, my hubster even threw me a surprise birthday party AT a Taco Bell. Blind fold and all. It was one of the best birthdays ever! Oh and did I mention my husband used to manage Taco Bells. Ummm duh…we were meant to be!

Today, is a bad Taco Bell day. Let me tell you why. My friend AJ posted on my Facebook page that the CEO of Taco Bell is floating an idea of possible Taco Bell delivery service. Taco Bell right at my door step? I immediately squealed and thought…YAAAAAAAS! Then immediately after the yes came a no. No Taco Bell, just no. NO. NO. NO. This is NOT a good idea. Taco Bell is meant to be a drive through or a walk in experience. The joy of going to the Bell…The choice of sauces. The inexpensive prices. (Feeding my whole family for under $20, LOVE that!!!) The whole awesome experience that IS Taco Bell. But if Taco Bell can come to my house at anytime…the magic disappears. It’s a treat for our whole family. Yes, we even celebrated our two year old daughter’s birthday there a few months ago. (Don’t judge!) It’s our go-to road trip meal. It’s my favorite place in the world after Paris, Hawaii and Disney! I mean think if there was a Taco Bell IN Disneyworld. Ok, I digress. Taco Bell delivery? It’s all The point is that this might be the first bad idea made by Taco Bell.

Let’s spread the word people. No Taco Bell delivery! NO TACO BELL DELIVERY!

Who is with me???!! lol 😉

xo Surviving Mommy

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