No, this is NOT a tanning bed! lol


No, this is NOT a tanning bed. lol  This is where I spent a good part of my day yesterday. A Breast MRI machine.  Unlike a regular MRI if you have ever had one of those, you can usually lie down on your back.  This picture shows how you have to lie for the entire duration of the MRI.  Lemme tell you…NOT comfy at all. lol

But this is what I have to do every year along with a Mammogram and an ultrasound since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer almost five years ago.  The appt takes a really loooong time, but that’s because you get the results as soon as you are done with all of the tests and that is a good thing. There is nothing worse than having to wait days and days for test results, especially if they are not good.  With waiting that long, you gotta be prepared. Thankfully, I was yesterday.  I brought my favorite lunch…meat and cheese (aka charcuterie et fromage because I am obsessed with all things French) as well as a good book that my dear friend MaryLouise had recommended and of course my computer so I could goof off on social media.

Although there is so much anxiety leading up to this yearly appt, the sigh of relief after it is all over and you get good news…well, it’s a feeling like no other. It makes me SO happy to get home and share the good news with my husband, daughters and my Mommy Jane (a four time Survivor herself).

Many people have asked me about how to help someone when they are first diagnosed with Cancer and I always say the same thing. Treat them exactly like you would if they didn’t have Cancer AND make them laugh.  Laughing is what got me through my Breast Cancer and I guess that is why they say…laughter is the best medicine!

XO Surviving Mommy



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