Our 2015 Star Wars family Christmas card!

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Last year when we decided to do a family Christmas card, it was the first time we actually ever did a family Christmas card. I convinced my family to embrace our inner dorks and poke fun of the fact that we moved to the “country”, as our friends and family called it. (Ya know, ONLY 45 mins outside of the city) I told my family that this was a one time deal and that was it. Little did they and I know, just how wrong I was. I enlisted the help of my favorite photographer Andy Brophy from One Nine Images (he did our wedding and I’ve known him for years) and my favorite make-up friend Linda Margarita and we went to town on our pictures. Meaning, we threw on some “country” overalls and had a crazy awesome time!  I mean, look at my Momma Jane…can you say HOTTIE??!! I was so happy about our Christmas card experience last year, that I wrote a blog about it! Oh and as SOON as I mailed the cards, I said to my family…”I already have an idea for next year, STAR WARS in the country!!!!” They of course laughed as they usually do at my crazy ideas and said, “we’re in!” I was particularly excited about this idea because Star Wars was such a HUGE part of my childhood. My Momma Jane took me and my brother to see Star Wars when it first came out at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles! SUCH a great memory!! Oh and not to mention I knew Star Wars would be EVERYWHERE with the December release of the new movie!

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So noooo joke, I ordered our costumes back in January of this year and the family continued to laugh at my insanity when they arrived and I made them all try them on. I know when I emailed Andy and Linda and told them in JANUARY what I wanted to do for this year’s card they probably were like…what in the world is wrong with this crazy girl but they were in again too! When the day came to take the pictures, I was kinda stressed out. We were going out of town for a family vacation and there were a million things I had to do, blah, blah, blah but when I saw my mom put on her Stormtrooper outfit, I about died! It was seriously EVERYTHING! Talk about laughter being a stress reliever! My husband as Han Solo…and that hair! Ha Ha Ha! Me getting to have Princess Leia’s buns. Talk about a childhood dream! Luna as our little R2D2 and Lily just loooooved going to the “dark side!” I mean all of it was SO ridiculously fun! The best part of this day is we had NO idea we were going to lose our sweet doggie Winnie and to have this family picture now with him it…well, it is an even more special memory.

When I called one of my besties Christine to tell her about my idea (she was the ONLY person besides Andy and Linda who knew), she flipped! Christine’s company Eberle Invitations didFile Nov 18, 3 32 13 PM our beautiful save the dates, invitations AND programs for our wedding, so I was happy that she was also going to be able to do our Christmas card. She was so into it in fact, she said she stopped everything she was doing so we could work on the card. LOVE her! She and I have been giggling about this for the last two months! She told me that she totally got a Star Wars education with this project and loved every single minute of it! I mean she even printed the addresses in a Star Wars font. Seriously awesome! I can’t wait to do Christmas cards again with her and Eberle Invitations next year! And oh yah, I have already picked out our 2016 country theme and the family can’t wait! Yep, we are goobs!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it. For me, it was like having my childhood Star Wars dream come to life with my own family! I gotta tell you, having this memory year after year now is something I soooo look forward to! Seeing my mom get all beautified, our girls get all dressed up in something silly and my husband being SO awesomely sweet to play along with every crazy idea that I come up with, well…these are memories. This is what living life is alllll about! These are the memories our family will have for years and years to come and even if for some reason we stop doing these cards someday, (which I hope we don’t!), at least we will have the cards to look back on and smile! And trust me, we are smiling big-time!

XO Surviving Mommy

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