It’s here…our 2016 family Christmas card!


I can’t explain it…every single year I get SO excited to do our yearly family Christmas card. I think it’s because I love having something to look forward to! Really, pretty much since I got Breast Cancer six File Dec 07, 12 04 12 PMyears ago, all I want to do is plan our next family adventure! It helps when your family is always up for anything and everything too! Immediately after we did our Star Wars themed Christmas card last year, I knew what our theme was going to be for this year. (I may not have filed our income taxes until June but by golly, I knew what our family Christmas card was going to be! #Priorities) The same thing happened after we did our first “gone country” Christmas card in 2014. However, a few weeks ago though, I called a creative audible. I went to my family with another hair-brained Christmas card idea and they were like whaaaaaat???? I thought we were already doing insert idea here. Once I explained to them my NEW crazy idea, they were in! Plus we felt like this idea was SO much more fitting at this time after the insane year our family had.mommajane


I say FOUR visits to the Emergency Room in 2016 calls for it’s own Christmas card!

Annnnnnd because I’m me…and we’re us, why NOT turn our life drama into our Christmas card??!! We laughed so hard while doing another photo shoot with our photographer and friend Andy Brophy from One Nine Images. I’ve known Andy as long as I’ve known my husband. He totally “gets” our family and celebrates our silliness and strange requests. This year was no different. Linda Margarita, one of my favorite make-up and hair friends came back to beautify Momma Jane and me. I mean, seriously…how gorgeous is my mom??!! It gives me such joy to watch my mom get all beautified! Linda is such a talent and has a beautiful heart to boot! Oh and check out my Christmas boot cover and red crutches from Castcoverz!! Love them and ironically found out about them RIGHT before I had broken my foot! So crazy! (Read more about their story here!)

family-christmas-card-4When I searched for an ambulance to use in our Christmas card picture, (because THAT’S normal), our neighborhood friend Tom Reed (aka the mayor of Chattahoochee Hills) recommended I reach out to All Pro EMS in Palmetto, GA. I talked to Dale from All Pro EMS and explained my whole family story and our crazy Christmas card idea and then asked if we could use an ambulance for the shoot. He was allll about it and since it’s a privately-owned transportation service, we wouldn’t be taking an ambulance away from a hospital ER. Yay! He and his son showed up with the ambulance and even got out the gurney for us to use! They were both SO great!

It was another fun photo shoot and another fun family memory created! After we got the pictures backfamilychristmascard16-5
from Andy, I called up one of my besties Christine Eberle with Eberle Invitations and told her about our changes. She’s the only person outside of our family who knows what our card will be. lol She immediately came up with the prescription card idea! I say this every year but she is just truly ah-mazing. Talented, easy to work with and so creative! She did our wedding many years ago and just finished doing Heather, one of my other BFF’s, wedding last month! She is just gooooood!

So another Christmas card is in the books. So what was the original idea we were going to use for this year? Well now, I can’t tell you that…you will just have to wait and see what 2017 brings our family!

Until next year…

Merry Christmas and a HEALTHY New Year from our family to yours!

XO Surviving Mommy 



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