Our Game Day Traditions

football1In our house, my husband and I both LOVE football. I will say though, that we love it for different reasons. Up until I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years ago, I was in loooooove with the game of football. I grew up watching the LOS ANGELES Rams. (Yes, welcome back to the Los Angeles, Rams), went through a Dallas Cowboys phase, even liked certain teams because of boys I dated, ha, and then became obsessed with the Tennessee Titans while I lived in Nashville. So much so that when one of my girlfriends Kim was a Titans cheerleader, I worked for the Titans for two seasons assisting with game day cheerleader activities and LOVED it!

When I moved to Atlanta almost 13 years ago, I kept up with the Titans but also thought I should welcome the Atlanta Falcons into my heart. At my previous job at a radio station, I was the only girl participating in Fantasy Football for many years. Once I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years ago, I sort of got distracted with that whole Breast Cancer thing and slacked in the football fan department and stopped paying alot of attention to the games. HOWEVER, what I never stopped paying attention to was the fun that surrounds the game. The food, the spirit, the experience, the tradition. In our house, even though my husband definitely has more love for the game, I have more love for the tradition of it all. I love getting the house ready. I love making the football food. (The only thing I enjoy cooking!) I love decorating with cheesey football decorations and then eating the yummy football food and watching the game. It can be just my husband and me or it can be with a house of family and friends. I don’t care just as long as we are keeping the tradition alive.

football5This Sunday is kind of the like the pre-game to the Big Game. Like how the Golden Globes are the pre game to the Academy Awards. So this Sunday we will be getting our #GameDayTraiditons ON. We will be making sure the house is clean, getting ourselves ready and doing a dry run of football foods that we will be serving on the Big Game Day…aka, let’s just find an excuse to eat football foods two weeks early! hee hee  We stopped at Walmart earlier this week because pretty much everything we need to keep our #GameDayTraditions going, is available at Walmart. I picked up some Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels. Our housefootball6 has been going through alot of these lately with our new puppy Loki. We can’t have piddle puddles anywhere on the floor when guests arrive right? That would NOT be a good #GameDayTradition. With puppy accidents also comes lots more washing thanks to puppy accidents on our clothes, so we also have Tide PODS on hand too for our Spring meadow good smelling laundry! Speaking of smelling good, with our new baby boy Loki in the house, it also doesn’t hurt to spritz a little Febreeze Air Effects Linen and Sky just to keep the house smelling fresh.

football4One of my other favorite #GameDayTraditions is throwing on our favorite team’s outfits or ok, I guess they technically aren’t “outfits”, more like gear. hee hee It’s also fun to put on some mascara underneathfootball2 the eyes so you can get the true football player look going. Thank you Cover Girl Last Blast Mascara for the assist! My ten year old daughter especially loves being able to use the mascara since normally she wouldn’t be allowed to use any make-up. 🙂 It’s just another way our family likes to get into the team spirit!

football3My final favorite #GameDayTradition is the FOOOOOOD! Woooohoooo! Here is a recipe for one of the football food staples in our house, Buffalo Chicken Wraps. No joke, we have these at least TWICE a month in our house and we ALWAYS have these for the Big Game!!!

So these are OUR #GameDayTraditions…what are YOURS? Oh and don’t forget to join me on Periscope this Sunday afternoon so you can see my family and me in action showing our #GameDayTraditions! Follow me on Periscope @SurvivingMommy!

XO Surviving Mommy


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G products. Opinions are ALWAYS my own…duh! 😉





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