Our Shadow Family Halloween costume!

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(Re-sharing this post from last year because it was so much fun…enjoy)

If you know me, our family or you follow my blog…you know our family is a little kooky! I totally own it, embrace it and love it. In fact, I wrote an entire post about us being THAT family! For File Nov 01, 8 30 40 AMHalloween a few years ago, before we had our youngest daughter, we did a 50’s family costume but then we kind of got distracted and didn’t really do another family Halloween costume for a good many years. (Breast Cancer and pregnancy will keep you busy!) Last year, we resurrected those five year old 50’s costumes and put a zombie spin on it, even though I have never seen one episode of The Walking Dead! It was fun because we all got made up and did something together. Which of course keeps in tradition with the whole dressing together thing on our Disney vacations and Christmas card from last year!

A few months ago, I saw a tiny picture on Pinterest of a mom who dressed her kids as shadows for Halloween and I LOVED it! I thought it was pretty unique and creative and I was IN! Just like Peter Pan! I presented the shadow idea to the family and they of course, thought I was totally insane but said they were in too! Although at first our oldest daughter Lily wasn’t totally in because she wanted to dress up with her friends but then when I explained to her what the costumes were gonna look like, the cool and fun factor went up and she got on board. I researched morphsuits and ordered them for the whole family. I then explained to the family we would get all of the dark clothes and shoes weFile Nov 01, 8 29 04 AM owned and wear them OVER the morph suits thereby making it look like we were a family of shadows! Ha! When the morphsuits came, it was like an early Christmas in our house. We all ran around trying them on and laughing hysterically. Trust me, you put one of those morphsuits on in ANY color and you will laugh until you cry! I knew the baby, Luna (ok she’s three now, I gotta stop saying that! lol) was going to be a little more difficult because I knew she was not gonna want to put that thing over her face. We weren’t even sure how any of us were gonna feel truthfully because this suit is a head to toe body suit and I mean HEAD TO TOE so it can be a little intimidating. Thankfully you can actually see through the face and they say you can even drink which our oldest Lily tried by sipping water and it did actually work. ha ha. The kids version velcro in the back and the adult has a zipper. Luna got hers up to her neck and was not having any other part of it. I didn’t want to force it so I let her do it on her own time. We went on vacation a few weeks back and did a dry run of the suits there for a costume party we were attending. Luna didn’t want to pull the mask part up over her face so we let her go without. The picture to the right that my friend Rich took turned out pretty funny actually because it is typical of her just looking like, “How did I get into this crazy family?!”

File Nov 01, 8 30 08 AMWe were so excited to share our Peter Pan inspired costumes with our neighbors! We have only lived in our neighborhood about a year and a half but I think they are already learning our family’s dorky personality. There was a costume contest (we didn’t win) but for me, it was more about sharing this family experience together and Luna (on her own) pulled up her mask and owned it! We all laughed so much as we were getting dressed and it was really fun to see the neighbors faces staring and laughing at us. They all loved our costumes! Creating wonderful memories, that’s what it is about! As a Mom, that is one of so many things I want to give my children. I want them to be able to look back and say, “yah, I had pretty awesome childhood!” because I know that is exactly what I say about mine!

XO Surviving Mommy

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