Our Wedding First Dance…many years later!


When my husband and I got married we wanted our wedding to be an occasion where our guests would leave and say, “wow, that was SOOOOO Cindy and Eric!”  We wanted our wedding ceremony to be wedding2100% about committing our lives to God in front of our family and friends and then we wanted our wedding reception to be all about the FUN! We had a small wedding, less than 75 people. I wore hot pink shoes at the ceremony and we both wore Converse Chucks tennies at the reception. We served football party style foods (Tator tot bar, Wings station, sliders station and passed appetizers of fried pickles and chicken and waffles) No joke, our food was INSANELY yummy! reception-34(Thank you Dennis Dean Catering!) Oh and of course cupcakes galore because duh, I looooooove cupcakes! And all we did was dance, dance, dance!

Since we didn’t really do a wedding party (we both just had our childhood BFF’s stand up for us), we wanted to do something fun to show our personalities as well as include some of our closest friends during our wedding reception. So my BFF Heather came up with a GREAT idea from one of her favorite movies 500 Days of Summer where her actor crush Joseph Gordon Levitt danced to the Hall & Oates song You Make My Dreams Come True. She showed me the movie and the dance and said you need to do a first dance. Brilliant I said and so we did!

We grabbed some of our closest friends who so kindly committed to a few dance lessons and we practiced, practiced, practiced. The end result was pretty awesome! Thank you God for my friend Stephanie who caught the whole thing on video or I would have never been able to relive this wonderful moment. Yep, totally forgot to plan for someone to video it! Up until recently, I actually lost the one and only copy I had of this video but THANKFULLY was able to finally find the original so now it’s up on my youtube page and this is why I am sharing it with you now, so many years later.

The thing I love about this video is that in this moment, I was SO happy. Really REALLY happy! Even when I messed up my steps a few times, yes ME and not my husband, lol, I still loved this dance. Even when I watch this video now and see friends who are no longer in our lives, I still smile and feel super grateful for the time they were and especially on that day. That night was truly one of the BEST nights of my life and now I have this video memory forever! Yay for little things in life right?!

Thank you so much for letting me share this wonderful memory with you!

XO Surviving Mommy

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