Paint or carve your Halloween pumpkins? Look what we did this year!


Halloween is around the corner and I can’t wait! Our family really enjoys Halloween! We love love LOVE dressing up, although we love dressing up anytime during the year really and not just Halloween. Ha! I love to watch kids trick or treat. The candy. The scares. The fun. We have Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus on repeat during this month of October. My Birthday isimg_8287
in like a week and a half before. Our youngest daughter’s Birthday is two days before Halloween. It’s just a really fun time in our family!

img_8285We love to get our pumpkins out on the porch and this year we decided to PAINT our pumpkins! I know! I know! Some of you may say it’s not the same as carving. Some may even say it’s not tradition! And that’s ok but I say, you gotta do you. Do what makes YOU and your family happy. It all started when someone posted on my Facebook page that they had Star Wars craft pumpkin kits so duh..that was a no brainer. Then I decided a Jack Skellington pumpkin would be fun (and easy) to make! Finally I saw a fun craft kit for a Day of the Dead pumpkin (my new obsession-more on that coming on the blog this week) so I had to get that one too. All in all, we painted FOUR pumpkins! The girls had SO much fun and so did my husband and I. Lots of laughs and we were even pleasantly surprised at how good they ended up turning out. It was definitely a different experience than our normal pumpkin carving. Will we do it every year? Who knows, but it was sure fun trying something different!

What is your pumpkin tradition?

XO Surviving Mommy


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