PUH-leeease tell me this happens to you too!


Do you believe in coincidence? Serendipity? A few years ago, one of my bestie’s Heather got me a book called “When God Winks” and a godwink is basically “what some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you’d say, “Wow, what are the odds of that!” Our family has had a few crazy coincidences aka ‘Godwinks” happen lately and I had to share them with you because they are so wild.  I also need to know if this crazy stuff happens to anyone else?! lol

1. Last year our family took French lessons from a sweet girl Miss Clara to prepare for our Paris1trip to Paris. It was the #1 place on my Mom’s bucket list and we were so excited for this trip. Well, while we were IN the Paris airport on our way back home to Atlanta…who did we run into? Miss Clara! I mean what are the chances of that??!!

2. We recently moved into a new neighborhood out in the country. While we love our ‘hood, it’s  a pretty uncommon remote destination. A few weeks ago, my Hubster was chatting up a new neighbor and it turns out they went to the exact same High School in Naples, Florida and were only a year apart! What??!!

3. Years ago, our family was on a Delta flight to Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii (cus we LOVE us some Disney!) and because it was the first time we were traveling with our baby Luna, I saw a neat idea on TV that I totally copied. I made little goody bags for the people seated around us that included a note, earplugs, candy and gum just in case Luna became restless. More like a little Hawaii1bribe or a thank you-for-enduring-the-baby-crying-gift. lol Our sweet flight attendant thought it was such a neat idea that she even took a picture with us. Turns out, this lady Patti is not only my neighbor but the Charity Gala I had been working on the last seven months, yah, she was on the committee with me too! My husband and her figured it out at the party last weekend! Crazy!

Sometimes I will think of someone and the phone will ring hours later and it is that exact person or I pick up the phone to call a person and the phone is already ringing and it’s them. I love it! So whether you call it coincidence, Godwinks or whatever… I need to know if this kind of stuff happens to you too!

XO Surviving Mommy


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