Remember Pauly Shore and wheezin’ the juice??!!

PAULY SHOREI am a total California Girl. Born and bred and I loved it. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley…like fer sure, gag me, rad annnnnd totally. Yep, all of those things!  lol One of my favorite childhood memories is Pauly Shore. Remember Totally Pauly on MTV and Encino Man?! Spring Break on MTV was Spring Break BECAUSE of Pauly Shore. I not only thought he was he adorable, but he was funny and funny has always won in my book.

After 25 years of doing stand up, fast forward to now. Pauly is still doing comedy and is currently on tour and stopping by the Atlanta Improv March 5th-7th (Thurs-Sat)! Pauly directs, produces, acts and even did a documentary about his life that included how he was caregiver to his mom who has Parkinson’s disease. Kinda made me like him even more! He has come a long way from being the Weizel…but he’s still adorable and still funny!

Wanna go see Pauly at the Atlanta Improv??? Enter below and don’t forget to wheez the juice! lol

XO Surviving Mommy

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