Save your marriage using only Tinker Toys!


I seriously LOVED my childhood. I will never be lying on a couch telling a therapist about how my awful childhood because was because it was the exact opposite. Perfect. Really. My neighborhood was awesome, my friends were awesome, every single thing about it was awesome. I have nothing but great memories. Whether we were playing Star Wars, Chips or swimming, playing outdoor games, indoor games…whatever. I loved it all.

Recently, during my 9yo daughter Lily’s Spring Break when we hit a few rainy days, I was like ugh! What are we going to do?? I really really TRY not to let either of our girls watch alot of TV. Of course there are exceptions, Disney movies and anything educational. ORRRR, really good 80’s movies that they must see because they were my favorites, but ITinkertoys2
digress. lol The other day when I was reading my friend Joey’s Real Mom Media blog about rainy day ideas, it got me to thinking…Tinker Toys! I knew I had some in the closet and I got them out. Old school Tinker Toys!!! I loved them when I was a kid! My 2 yo Luna had never played with them before and she was IN LOVE!  I had to sneak a picture because she was soooo quiet and played for 45 minutes! Heaven right??!!

The girls haven’t stopped playing with them since I took them out. They build things and they even make pretend musical instruments and sing on their pretend microphone. I love it! So it reminded me, sometimes it doesn’t have to be so hard. You just have to kick it old school.

So what was your favorite toy from your childhood? I want to start a list so I always have my plan in place for those rainy days of Spring! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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