School pictures? Yay or nay?


When I was little, every single year we took the dreaded school pictures. You know the school pictures I’m talking about. Your Mom would put you in your Sunday best, comb your hair perfectly and you would go to school, pose and have that awkward smile. Then, once you got the school pictures back, Mom picked out the A, B or C package and then sent or gave out the wallet size pictures to everyone in your family. Sigh. Nothing has changed.

file-dec-01-11-01-06-amOr has it? 

My mom kept an 8 x 10 school picture of my brother and me up on the shelf in our living room and replaced it every year with our new picture. Once we graduated and went off to college, those framed pictures eventually went into the closet. She then gifted them to me many years ago and now they are in a box. In storage. In the attic. So now that I have children of my own, do I buy the school pictures? Nope. Haven’t bought one single one. Ever. Why? Well for a few reasons. Because for me, it’s a little different…with social media and also for what I do for a living, I take pictures of my girls all.of.the.time so I don’t need to. If my mom wants a picture of her granddaughters, I load up the paper in the printer and print them out for her. Oh and now that I have this new HP Sprocket (which I’m OBSESSED with by the way, thank you HP!) I can print her out little cute pictures whenever and wherever I want. Plus we do a silly family Christmas card every year and I would rather focus part of our family budget to that.file-dec-01-11-01-35-am PS. Our annual Christmas card reveal is coming next week! Woot! Woot!

I can’t say school pictures are a thing of the past though because I do totally believe they are still a wonderful thing. For most people, it’s easy…you send your kids to school, they get snapped and a package later, you have GREAT pictures of your kids. I love the tradition of school pictures and still get all fussy over the girls on picture day even though I know good and well I’m not buying any. (Except senior portraits in High School for sure!) But school pictures are like cursive writing for me. Do we neeeeeed to have cursive writing? Maybe not, but I loooooove that my 11 year old daughter has beautiful cursive and uses it everyday in school. I guess it’s just tradition and I kind of love tradition. So I say yay to school pictures and cursive writing!

What about you? School pictures? Yay or nay?

XO Surviving Mommy


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