Seriously, WHY in the world did I do this…again?


Call me crazy but usually when you try something and you like it, you try it again. Right? Suffice it to say the opposite is true, if you try something and DON’T like it, you usually don’t try it again. That can be said with alot of things…food, experiences, relationships, whatever.

At the beginning of Summer, I tried camping for the first time and I loved it. I was pretty surprised at just how much I really enjoyed myself.file-oct-23-1-11-03-pm City girl getting her country on…it was alot of fun. (Read about it here!) The first time we went with our friends, the Davis family, who are pretty much camping experts. They have all of the gear, they know what to pack, what to bring…all of the necessities, tent, air mattresses, food, games, a generator, the fun stuff…I’m talking, ALL of it. It was June when we went the first time and it was pretty darn hot. We played in the creek next to a small waterfall and our little girls had the best time. Just beautiful! Besides totally falling and busting my elbow and not getting a ton of sleep that night, it was a pretty good experience.

Such a good experience in fact, that this past weekend we decided to try it again with the Davis Family. We said we wanted to try it when it wasn’t soooo hot…that it would be so much more fun when it got cooler. Ummm yahhh…no, wrong.

WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. A milion times wrong.

Ok, let me preface this by saying…the weather report said it was going to be a low of 45 degrees. Now, that’s pretty cold. To me at least. I’m from California so 60 is cold to me. lol We decided to get some good sleeping bags this time around, especially for our daughters. I mean I’m all about some Disney princesses and pink flowers, but they weren’t gonna cut it in a cold and outdoor situation. We dressed accordingly, had an amazing fire going, grilled out, the kids had a blast, my friend Ashley and I drank champagne and we laughed at her husband Nick’s camouflage outfit (I mean look at him…it was SO camo-lol), everything was going according to plan…until it didn’t.

We all climbed into the ten person tent to go to bed around 9pm. Yes, that’s right, 9pm. lol Our youngest Luna was sleeping on the Davis family side and their youngest Stella was sleeping on our side. The Dads decided to stay up for a few minutes longer with our older kids. I’m such a light sleeper so I just snuggled into my new sleeping bag on top of the air mattress until they came in about an hour later. Unfortunately, as they we coming in, their oldest Wyatt accidently burned his finger on a lantern that was too hot. Once he was ok and settled, we all closed our eyes. Except I couldn’t fall asleep. Not sure why either. file-oct-23-1-11-23-pmThere was a waterfall that was right outside of our tent and the sound was heavenly…but I couldn’t fall asleep. But jusssst as I thought I was about to, our youngest Luna woke up because a water bottle had spilled on the floor and she was wet and wanted to come sleep with us. And because I am a sucker, I said yes. She crawled on over to our blow up mattress and snuggled into my sleeping bag with me. Nope, nope, and nope. I instantly became claustrophobic and she had to get on out. Then I realized I didn’t have a blanket for her and her sleeping bag was on the other side of the tent and I was trapped in the other corner on this air mattress that now seemed to be deflating every minute that went by, so I shoved her in between my husband and me and put my big coat over her. Good to go I thought. Nope. She was fine but I still couldn’t fall asleep because now EVERY ADULT in the tent was snoring. It was like SNORE WARS between the adults and Luna who was now sleeping ON me. So I had Luna sleeping on me AND snoring in my face and everyone else snoring too when I thought…am I being punished? Then I had to pee. Of course! Of course I have to pee in the middle of the night when we ALL went pee before bedtime. I had to pee so badly and there was not a darn thing I could do about it either, so I just laid there and laid there thinking about not peeing until about an hour later when my husband got up because he too had to pee. Ashley and Nick apparently did then so now everyone was up. Praise the Lord! Except I realized I still had Luna on me so I had to shove her off and hobble on over to put my boot on. Yep, I still have that stupid boot on my stupid broken foot. Can you say over it?! Oh and did I also mention that it was 3:45AM, FREEZING annnnd pitch black outside?! Pee accomplished, I got back to the tent and everyone was asleep. A few minutes later I thought I was finally about to fall asleep and my husband got awake. Apparently he decided he wasn’t comfortable and rolled off the air mattress and onto the floor which made Luna roll more on top of me and pushed me almost off the air mattress entirely into the corner while the other side of the air mattress went flying up. All while Luna lay on me sleeping and snoring with the rest of them! There was nothing I could do. The air mattress was pretty much like a water bed at that point. lol I mean have you ever tried moving around on a half deflated air mattress in the middle of the night?! There is a reason they don’t make waterbeds anymore. Or wait, do thay? I digress. A deflated air mattress and I was pretty much frozen. NOT a good combination. Soooooo I never fell back asleep and instead just laid with my little Luna snoring ON my face for hours.


And then there was light.

I was never so happy to see daylight. I was exhausted, frozen and put a fork in me, done. D.O.N.E.file-oct-23-1-10-31-pm

Do I love camping? Meh…no, but I love my family and I love my friend Ashley and her family. We love our friendship and we love our family’s friendship but we both agreed, no more camping for us. We’re good. I feel like we’ve created two great memories for our daughters and that’s what life is all about, right? Creating memories and experiences. So check that off the list! 🙂

Camping…been there done that!

XO Surviving Mommy



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