So I met this guy on a plane!

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So who is he? Who is this guy and why did I talk to him for two hours on my plane ride from Chicago to Atlanta? Let me back up and explain.  I don’t know about you but I have a very active imagination so when I travel, I scope out the gate where I am waiting to board and kind of check everyone out. Does anyone else do this? I look to see who I might end up sitting next to. Who might be good in helping if something bad should happen on the plane. (See, I told you I had an active imagination), sometimes I notice a woman’s style and I think it would be fun to sit next to her so I can tell her how cool her shoes are. And yes, when I was single I would even look around to see if I might get seated next to the hot guy. (By the way, that did happen once but my gay friends I was traveling with convinced me he was 100% on their team so there was that! lol)

However, on this flight to Chicago, I didn’t do that for some reason. I didn’t do my usual look around. I was distracted, on my phone, whatever. I did notice though as I was walking up the aisle on the plane that the AISLE seat I thought I picked online was a MIDDLE seat and I was instantly bummed out! I am just not a fan of sitting in the middle. As I approached my seat I saw an older gentleman and a younger girl as my seat bookends and was like, ok do kie, it is what it is. As I was about to put my carry on up in the bin, the nice older gentleman offered to help me. I sat down and normally would pull out my phone, book, headphones whatever and mind my own business but didn’t because this man spoke to me. Can you believe it? He SPOKE to me! Someone SPEAKING to another person? In public no less? What a crazy concept. Hahaha! I was instantly drawn to this man. I know this sounds weird but I felt like I knew him. He was interesting. He talked about his three grown daughters. He bragged about them…not in an unappealing way but in such a proud way. A way that I would hope my own dad would. He even showed me what he got them for Christmas and how he was a little nervous they wouldn’t like what he had picked out.  He had a different piece of jewelery for each of them. It made me want to burst into tears because I would give anything for my Daddy to pick out a piece of jewelry for me. Whether I liked it or not. I don’t know if this man bought the jewelry at Walmart or Tiffany’s but I could tell he took such pride in selecting something for each of them that it made my heart swell.

We literally talked from takeoff to landing with barely a breath in between. We joked about how we had kinks in our neck from talking to each other for so long. It was such an enjoyable conversation too. I told him about my family. He told me all about his life. I showed him my hot mom in our Christmas card picture from last year! He told me was single. We talked about where we lived. Where we worked. We Carnell Selects-005talked about life! Two things struck me about this man and this moment. I received a gift. The first is I hate to fly. Like, white knuckle hate turbulence, tears down my face kind of I hate to fly. I had NONE of that the entire flight because I was so engaged in conversation with this kind soul. And two…he reminded me of my Dad. He has blue eyes and when this man was proudly showing me pictures of his beautiful daughters and his new grandbaby on his cell phone, the way he held the phone reminded me of my dad. The way he spoke reminded me of my dad. I totally believe THAT is exactly why I was so drawn to him. Isn’t that crazy?

As we touched the ground and were gathering our belongings, we both said how nice it was to have a lengthy conversation with a complete stranger. At that moment, I took out my card and handed it to him and said, I hope we can keep in touch. I called my mom the next day to tell her about him and she actually joked, “well, why didn’t you tell him about your mother?!” The funny thing is…right before I called her, he had JUST left me a message saying how great it was to meet me and if it seemed appropriate, he would love to meet my mom. So yes, we are planning a little rendez-vous with our family and him and my mom. (Ya know, I gotta chaperone!) Who knows what will happen and my mom hasn’t met anyone since my dad died three and a half years ago but even if she meets a new friend, like I did…how nice would that be? Couldn’t we all stand to have a little more human interaction anyway?

I’ll keep you all posted! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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