So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen and good bye STAR 94!


You know that feeling when you should be sad about something but you are not?  It’s that feeling you get when a relationship that is no longer good for you is over. You don’t wish them any ill will. They don’t wish you any ill will. You’re just SO happy to be free. Well, that is exactly how I feel right now. Free. Free to be me.

I am truly grateful for the many wonderful years at STAR 94. (Twelve years to be exact.) I met so many great people in and out of the radio station. People who profoundly changed and/or influenced who I am as a person. Doing ten years of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Radiothons, I met so many strong families who showed me what courage is. I met so many amazing women who told me that because I talked about my experience with Breast Cancer on the radio that they went and had a checkup. Woohoo! I received tons of emails from people offering me up encouragement through Divorce, Breast Cancer and the loss of my Daddy just a few years back. I also received tons of emails from people offering up congratulations on a new marriage, births of two children and both my mom and me being Cancer-free!

Being on STAR 94 gave me a voice. A voice to talk about things that are truly important to me. How to help victims of sex-trafficking through Wellspring Living.  Some amazing Breast Cancer charities…Young Survival Coalition, The Atlanta 2-Day, Susan G. Komen, Pink Heals and more. I spent five years getting to host the Autism Foundation of Georgia’s Candlelight Ball with one of my best friends Heather Branch. Raising awareness and being involved with the ALS Association of Georgia, Serv International, and many more great organizations.

One of my favorite sayings is a French phrase La Joie De Vivre…translated is, the joy of living or the joy of life. I try very hard to focus on people, things or experiences that bring just that to my life and the life of my family. Joy. If someone or something is not bringing in joy, then out is must go and such is the case with my departure. I feel so very Blessed and grateful though for the time I had at STAR 94 and have very few regrets except for maybe how unhappy I truly was this past year at work. Looking back though, I see it now as a learning experience and I guess you can never regret that.

I’m super excited about my upcoming break! However, I am even more excited about what the future holds and as I have been telling my friends for months…I remain Faithful. Faithful that I trust someone who is much bigger and better than me. Let Go and Let God right?! So I’m letting go and oh yah, I’m sleeping in. 🙂 No, really. You have NO idea how happy I am to shut my alarm clock off for a while and just recharge. Get healthy again. Get rested again and be happy again in whatever I decide to do next! In the meantime, I’ll be working here on Surviving Mommy. I have really not had the time to focus on it as much as I’d like…until now. I’ll also be finishing up my time as chair for the Serenbe Playhouse Gala on April 25th. (Tix on sale soon!!) I would love if we all could continue to keep in touch here and on social media too.

And just one final note, THANK YOU! Thank you to all of you who have been with me and my family through the ups and downs. Thank you for allowing me into your lives and for reminding me every day why I loved radio. It’s one of the few mediums that allows you to have personal relationships with the people who are a part of your brand.  I’m so grateful for all of you and for this entire experience. Thank you also to my morning work family, Jimmy, Producer Casey, Rob Stadler, Checka and David for enduring this crazy time as well. And my biggest thank you to my husband, family and friends for your unwavering support. I love you.

I look forward to letting you know where you can hear or see me next, but until then I will be enjoying LIFE!

XO Cindy

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

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