So THIS happened today and I almost burst into tears!

BEFORESometimes I wish I could press the pause button and stop time. Sigh. When I was ten, I got my ears pierced so I told my oldest daughter Lily whenAFTER she turned ten, she could get hers done too! Well, I am leaving to NYC tomorrow for a very awesome blogger event called Blogger Bash so I ‘m gonna be gone for a few days and she turns ten on Wednesday. So I told her we could go a couple of days early and we just got home from having it done. Oh em gee!!! It was SUCH an amazing experience. We went to place in Senoia, GA called Cornerstone Tattoo. I took my mom there a few months ago to get her first tattoo and I got an upper ear piercing. I went there because I specifically wanted to see this piercer guy named Bryan because that’s all he does…pierce things. So he kinda knows what he is doing! He was also super sweet when I went the last time and I wanted to take Lily to a place I knew she would feel comfortable and I wanted to have it done by someone who is a professional piercer for a living!

But even though everything was great, all I wanted to do is cry the whole time. lol  When Mr. Bryan was done it was all I could do to not burst into tears! She looked SO grown up and I was so proud of her for being such a big girl! She did awesome!!! The smile has not left her face since we got home and that means I will be getting on a plane tomorrow with a full heart. She is soooo happy! I will remember this moment forever and hopefully she will too! I love Mommy/Daughter memories!

How old were you when you got YOUR ears pierced and how old was your daughter?

XO Surviving Mommy

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