Soooo…I chopped off my hair!

Sooooo remember that whole post like two months ago where I said I was afraid to cut my hair? Well, I got so many nice responses from you being supporting and understanding of the whole Breast Cancer hair loss thing so thank you very much! I did have one lady Barbara comment though, “it’s just hair, get over it!” which of course, she is completely entitled to her opinion and really, I guess she’s kinda right. I mean if we are gonna black and white it, it IS just hair. Now though, if you have never been through Cancer or lost your hair…you might not TRULY understand the feeling attached to it and that’s ok if you don’t. I hope you don’t really! But she HAD been through chemo so she did have a perspective but like I said, she is entitled to her opinion and we just shared different perspectives and that is totally ok!

hairmommylilyWhen I wrote that post about my hair two months ago, that is 100% how I felt at the time. However, recently when I was binge-watching Ladies of London on haircarolineBravo (don’t judge), I fell in love with this woman Caroline’s hair on the show. It reminded me of how I used to wear my hair about eight years ago. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t think of anything else except wanting to cut my hair. What a weirdo I am! lol So I texted my hair friends, Jeffrey and Shawn at Vis-A-Vis The Salon where I have gone for 12 years and said, can you pleeeeeease fit me in ASAP?! So once they had an opening, I launched on top of it. Jeffrey and I talked about my inability to cut my hair and he said, “look…I think you were just so happy to have ANY hair that you didn’t want to cut it any of it and that’s ok!” And ya know what, he was totally right! So off it went!

I didn’t tell my family, I thought it would be neat to just surprise them with my silly little change and I did! We met for dinner after my hair appointmenthair3 along with our friends Taylor and Glenn and it was so fun to watch the look on my husband and daughters faces. Lily is so happy that Mommy’s hair is short like hers now.

So there ya go. Two months ago, I was like heck no and now I am like heck yah! I did it and I LOVE it!! Plus as Barbara said, it’s just hair and if I change my mind…it will grow!

A reminder that sometimes it’s ok to try something new even if it’s something as silly as “hair”.

XO Surving Mommy

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