That time we met Ben Affleck at the Georgia Aquarium!

BENMy family and I went to the Georgia Aquarium over the weekend for the launch of their new gallery, the Aquanaut Adventure. We were excited for many reasons. 1. It’s the Georgia Aquarium and that place is AWESOME! 2. My two year Luna and my Momma Jane have never been. 3. The last time I was at the Georgia Aquarium was when I was doing our Daily Shake It Off videos to torment my friend Casey and I surprised him dancing with the dolphins. (See below for that video!)

We got to the Georgia Aquarium first thing in the morning and started our Aquanaut Adventure and if you have kids, this is a pretty cool thing to do with the whole family. It’s an educational journey through the Aquarium’s upper levels while completing a series of entertaining challenges. Participants also have the chance to become a certified Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut (which we did, see our Fishy Family picture above and yes, those are fish faces we are making!), or Aquarium Scientist, after completing their journey.  You have 45 minutes to achieve five of the seven badges by interacting with all different aquatic life experiences through your own tablet you get to carry around. My nine year old Lily led the group and it was so much fun!  We took a family photo and did it all under 45 minutes! It was a blast!!

Afterwards, we checked out all of the other exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium and grabbed a bite to eat. We really loved the belugas, penguins and sea otters! As we were heading out through the gift shop and checking out all of the neat stuff, we spotted Ben Affleck. Yah, BEN AFFLECK! I gotta be honest. I have been in the radio business for twenty years now and I have been SO Blessed to meet a TON of celebrities. I rarely get giddy or star struck because I am so lucky to meet them and/or interview them. (Ok, except for maybe New Kids On The Block, Duran Duran or this guy named Peter Berg who is an actor and directed Friday Night Lights, but I digress) When we saw Ben, we noticed that a few other people had noticed him as well so I hesitated approaching him because I didn’t want to be a bother. When I whispered to my mom…”look, it’s Ben Aflfeck!” and saw her reaction, I knew I had to Carpe Diem! (seize the day) So I said hi and asked if he would grab a quick photo with my mom and me. He exclaimed “Oh heck yah, this is like a multi-generational thing, cool!” He then squeezed my mom and me like we were fresh produce and took a photo. He really could not have been nicer! The look on my Mom’s face was priceless! I mean look at it! SO awesome! She said to me later…”Honey, we grew up in California and I have NEVER seen a big celebrity ever!” It was so fun to giggle about it all day long with her while my husband and kids just laughed! This picture and that moment is a memory I am going to have forever!

Thanks Georgia Aquarium and Ben Affleck!

XO Surviving Mommy

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