That time you said you weren’t gonna be THAT parent…and now you are!


I feel like I sound like a broken record when my nine year old daughter leaves the house to go to our neighbor’s house to swim, I am ALWAYS yelling…”DON’T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!”

As a Cancer Survivor, obviously I loathe ALL Cancer. I especially loathe skin cancer though. Especially when it could have been prevented! That being said, I obviously I loathe sunburns. When I was a kid though, I “oiled” myself up and put sun-in on my hair. (Remember that?!) Eeeeek! I was “totally” a California girl! Well, now that I am a momma, I am borderline crazy about my kids getting too much sun. When I single and I used to see parents letting their kids run around in “swim shirts”, I thought ugh, what an overprotective parent. Yep, now that is me! I recently found a great brand called Konfidence who not only makes the UV shirts for kids (and adults) but also a whole line of great swim products for babies and kids. Check out their video of all of the products they offer! The UK-based Konfidence was started back in ’98 by a dad of FIVE and as I always say…I looooove companies started by parents!!!

My nine year old and two year old daughters are super in love with their Konfidence UV shirts becauseswimshirt3 we are ALWAYS outside. We just moved to the “country” last year and we are in walking distance from a lake so we’re always there playing in the water, fishing or just hanging out. Nevermind our favorite family vacation spot is the beach or anywhere with a pool of water really!

I still lather the girls up in SPF 9000 sunscreen and of course make them wear hats when I can, but having the Konfidence UV shirts just gives them that extra layer of sun protection. So I am proudly that over-protective mom now! lol

The kind peeps at Konfidence would like to hook up one of you Surviving Mommy readers with a Konfidence Floatsuit so click below to enter to win! If you don’t win, you can always find Konfidence at buybuy Baby stores or buybuybabyonline!

Where is your favorite spot to get your sun on?

A. The pool?

B. The beach?

C. The lake?

D. All of the above!

XO Surviving Mommy

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