The #1 thing that my husband and I fight about!

File Mar 01, 10 04 57 AMMy husband and I have a pretty great relationship. No, really. I don’t believe in that Facebook Fakery where you make everything look great when it’s really not. Been there, done that. lol I am genuinely so in love with my husband that it might even be a tad bit nauseating at times and I’m totally ok with that. Life’s too short to not be happy and have joy! That being said, we’re in a relationship, so of course we quarrel over things like you would in any relationship or like any married couple would. It’s just a part of life. Real life.

I can’t explain it but for some reason the number one thing we cannot agree on is how to load the dishwasher. The smallest thing in the world huh? And yah, I know…you can say, “well, at least he puts things IN the dishwasher” lol, and that is very true but for us, it’s become an agree to disagree thing because we so inherently DISAGREE with how a dishwasher should be loaded. I believe small cereal bowls should be on the top and he believes they should be on the bottom. SO much so that the other will MOVE said small cereal bowls to prove the point. Any by others, I mean me because I’m lame. Ok and honestly, 99% of the time, we don’t reallllllly get “mad” about it but once in awhile if one of us is cranky about something else…lack of sleep, hangry, bad day at work…I can tell, we get a little annoyed by the whole loading of the dishwasher thing.

This post isn’t to ask you who is right and who is wrong because as I learned many years ago (and posted a few weeks ago), everyone sees things through their own filter. Plus doesn’t EVERYONE know cereal bowls go on the TOP??!!! 😉 I kid, I kid, I love you honey!dishwasher

Ok so what is the #1 thing you and your spouse fight about?

XO Surviving Mommy

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