The City Mommy and The Country Mommy


I grew up in Los Angeles, California and as I am sure you can imagine…it’s about as far away from the “country” as you can imagine. lol  After I left the big city, I moved to Nashville. Now, that is pretty country right?  Well that lasted about six years and then I moved to Atlanta where I am now.  While out and about one weekend we decided to make the trek outside the Atlanta city limits to a place called Serenbe.  It’s a green living, sustainable living community with a farm and tons of animals. It also has trails and a bunch of woods. It’s like the country within the city.

After we made ONE visit to this Serenbe community, we were sold. Literally. We put our city house up for sale and built a house in the country and we just moved in last week.  My husband said he never in a million years would have guessed that this city girl would move to the country!! I am in love!!

Over the weekend, my nine year daughter and I went for a morning bike ride and it was the first time in probably ten years I had even been on a bike, but lemme tell you…it was AH-mazing! I mean look at these pictures. God’s country I tell ya. Simply beautiful. We were gone on our bikes for almost two hours!  I think I know where I will be from now on Saturday mornings!

Do you consider yourself a city mommy or a country mommy?

xo Surviving Mommy


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