The day I was a Pink Fairy!

stephnaniedepeche2Last week one of my dearest friends Stephanie had Breast Cancer surgery. I wrote about her a few weeks ago! I had planned on being there before, during and after her surgery because I know how much having your friends support you means. I also know how important it is to laugh during a time like this so I wanted to make Stephanie laugh too. Support and lots of laughter is what got me through my own Breast Cancer journey almost six years ago!

My sole goal was to arrive at the Hospital and have Stephanie dying from laughing before she went into surgery. I knew to do this, I had to be OVER THE TOP though, so I decided to embrace my inner pink fairy. Who knew I even had one! I headed to the store to load up on supplies. The idea started with my pink Ugg boots that my husband bought for me when I was sick. I wore them to the hospital on my surgery day and I kinda feel like they are good luck. Next up was to find the most obnoxiously bright pink wig I could find to go with one of my favorite bright pink lipsticks. And no pink fairy is complete without wings (borrowed from my daughter’s closet of course) and a pink tutu!

The outfit was not going to be enough though, I felt like I had to REALLY get Stephanie’s attention when I walked in. I knew that pinkfairy1Stephanie used to loooooooove when my friend Casey and I would do our daily Shake It Off videos when we worked at our previous radio station so I thought yessssss, SHAKE IT OFF is a perfect theme to go into a surgery! I pulled up some T-Swizzle on my phone, plugged in my speaker and came around the corner to where Steph was getting prepped to go into surgery. There she sat with her hospital gown on and IV in her arm and no idea what was about to happen.  I busted the curtain open, music cranked, dancing like a big ol’ goob! She died laughing! It was everything to see her laughing so hard and smiling so big! She even pulled out her phone and started videoing so yes, there is video evidence forever now! (see it below!)

I stayed in that pink fairy outfit all day and I am so glad I did. I brought pink beaded necklaces to pass out to the nurses which was so fun and everyone I passed in the hospital during that 12 hour day, smiled…like, big time! That was the best! I had a much older gentleman even approach me and say, “YOU are absolutely beautiful!” I almost started crying he was so sweet! We talked for a while about his wife who was also having a breast cancer surgery and I got to tell him all about my brave friend. It was so fun to be dressed up as someone else and almost be like in pinkfairy2character. I get why people do this at Disney Parks because not only was it fun to make people smile but it made ME so happy and definitely took my mind off being worried about my friend all day.

My daughters loved seeing Mommy as a Pink Fairy too which was an added bonus! I even said to my husband when I got home…maybe I will go back again all dressed up and bring more beaded necklaces to pass out and maybe even some fun candy or something. It felt so good to make people happy but the best part was seeing Steph with a ginormous smile on her face!!! She deserves the world!

Oh and because George Castanza from Seinfeld always said, leave on a high-note, I wanted to let you know that Stephanie rocked her Breast Cancer surgery like a Boss! Boo yah!

XO Surviving Mommy aka The Pink Fairy

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