The guy from The Walking Dead used to be my neighbor!

Photo cred: Vanity Fair

Almost two years ago this Summer, our family moved from the big city to a beautiful neighborhood tucked away in the country. After living here for a bit, I heard that one of the guys from The Walking Dead also lived in our neighborhood. Shockingly, I may be the ONLY one left in the universe who has never seen a single episode of The Walking Dead so I didn’t know who the guy was. So much so, that if he had showed up at our door, I wouldn’t have known him.

When we first moved, I was still doing my morning radio show. For Halloween that year we did a fun radio bit of having local celebrities read the Vincent Price part of the Michael Jackson song Thriller everyday leading up to Halloween. I loooooove that song and thought this would be so much fun! Ya know, “Darkness falls across the land…” Ok, you get the idea! Anyway, we had Brian Littrell from The Backstreet Boys do it. Brian had been on our show a bunch and even filled in for me while I was out for my Breast Cancer surgery years ago. Todd Chrisley from the very funny USA show, Chrisley Knows Best was totally in too. I even reached out to my longtime friends Big Kenny and John Rich from the country duo Big & Rich. They all did their parts and they were ALL so AWESOME! I needed one more for Halloween day though and thought hmmmm, a Walking Dead guy would be be kinda cool right?! Especially ON Halloween! I hadn’t met our neighbor yet so I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to his house. He wasn’t home so I left the bottle of wine and a note for him on his doorstep.

A week later I didn’t hear back so I assumed he was out of town or just busy. During this time, I decided to google him and that little Walking Dead show to learn more. Yahhhhhh, so I had NO idea what a big deal this show was or how big he is in that world! Ha! Duh. I was convinced then that I hadn’t heard from him cus he probably thought I was some sort of weirdo creeper! I wanted to run to his house and say, “Noooooo, no, no, you have it all wrong. I don’t know you. I have never even seen your show! I’m just a mom with two kids and a radio show and I need you to record this Thriller rap for me Mr. Walking Dead Guy” lol Obviously, I did not do that.

So a few days before Halloween that year, I walked outside where my family was loading up the car so we could take our then two year old daughter out to Taco Bell for her birthday dinner. (No judgment please, SHE picked the place and we happen to love Taco Bell…that’s our family!) Anyway, my husband was talking to “Walking Dead Guy” when I walked outside who then introduced himself to me. I apologized about the whole leaving a note thing like a creeper freak and he couldn’t have been nicer about it. My husband said he thinks he probably stopped by to see if I was a legit radio person or some sort of stalker freak. Ha! I didn’t want to insult him and tell him I had never seen the show before, lol, so we chatted, he told me it wasn’t a problem at all to do the Thriller thing and we went on our merry way. Super nice guy! We saw him plenty of times later and he was still nice and friendly as ever.

I think because I had met and interviewed so many celebrities on our radio show, reaching out to “Walking Dead Guy” didn’t seem like a big deal to me, because I have always felt like “celebrities” are just like us because duh, they are! Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Harry Connick Jr, Christian Slater, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Gwen Stefani and a ton more have ALL been on our show and were all lovely and normal people. Again, just like us. So fast forward to now, a year a half later…”Walking Dead Guy” has since moved out of our hood. Oh and he never did do that Thriller thing for me. Oh well. Bummer but it’s all good. I forgive him! 😉 Unfortunately, I also learned over that time that some fans found out where he lived and were showing up at his house. Boooooo! That’s not cool. I can imagine that has to be pretty stinky to not be able to go home and enjoy your privacy. Or wait, maybe it was me???? Maybe I drove him to move??!! LOL Ok, I kid, I kid but it’s a pretty funny story now and it makes me laugh when I think about it.

Oh and I stilllll haven’t gotten around to watching that little Walking Dead show yet but I should because I hear it’s pretty amazing! 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy

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