Updated Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World!

When I was a little girl growing up in No. Hollywood, California…Disneyland was a hop, skip and a jump away. My parents would take my little brother and me to Disneyland for a weekend treat and we always loved it! We would usually stay at a hotel nearby but on special occasions, my parents would book us a stay at the Disneyland Hotel. One of my faves! Going to Disneyland was a normal thing for our family. Almost like a second childhood home. One of my favorite attractions was the Pirates of the Caribbean. Mostly because my sweet Daddy loved it so much too and he would always sing “Yo, ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”  He would sing it even when we weren’t at Disneyland! Plus what is with the SMELL on Pirates? Talk about memories! 

When I moved to Georgia, Walt Disney World became our go-to Disney location. The Magic Kingdom became one of our favorite parks. Now that we live in Orlando, Florida, it’s right down the street! When I heard last year that they were closing down the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Spring for a few weeks for refurbishment, I knew exactly why. There were rumblings for a while that the iconic red-headed “wench for sale” auction scene was going to be updated. 

This morning I was invited to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to check out the new and improved version of the red-headed scene on Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s TERRIFIC!!! Instead of the iconic redheaded woman being auctioned off, Redd has a new role of the female pirate in charge of all of the pirate’s auction of loot. Plus, Redd now has a voice too! It screams girl power and as a woman and a mother to two little girls…I love it! The detail is amazing! Just beautiful! This is very similar to how they changed the same scene last Summer at Disneyland Paris and my guess is it will be similar to what they do at Disneyland California next month. 

What do you think of the changes?

XO Cindy 

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