Proof that women can do anything!

I love the idea that women can do anything! Anything at all. I wish there was more marketing out there that showed real women. Real women doing things. Like, I love the Dove Real Beauty campaign that uses real looking women. Kudos to them and other companies who highlight the realness of the world instead of photo shopping advertising. I have two daughters and I want them to see women of all shapes, sizes and ages going for their dreams.
Such was the case this past Labor Day weekend. My Nashville bestie and her daughter came to visit our family.  During their stay, we went to see her sister Laurie who was participating in an ice skating competition.  Laurie is going to be 50 this year and she ROCKED a burlesque routine with her ice skating team and it was awesome! The thing about this competition is there were all sorts of women competing. Young, in shape women who weren’t so skilled, middle aged, way out of shape women who were fantastic and even the 50+ crowd who would give Michelle Kwan a run for her money. ALL of these women, no matter their size or ability, were brave enough to put on an ice skating outfit and get out on that ice. And let’s be honest, we ALL know what those little ice skating outfits look like so that alone was brave but to go out there and own their routines like they did was so inspiring. They all cheered each other on, there was no “competition” with each other, just each person trying their best! Women uplifting other women! I love it!
I was absolutely in awe of these women because I struggle with just wearing shorts in the summertime and I have ZERO athletic ability, lol, so I was so happy for my daughter and her friend to watch these ladies. It made me proud to be a woman!
I would love to know what you are owning in your life that would make other ladies proud. I think we could all use some inspiration!
xo Surviving Mommy

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