Here are some things I know about my Daddy!


ScanSix years ago this month my sweet daddy Jim peaced out of this world. While I, along with my Momma Jane and my younger brother Michael miss him terribly, I know he’s in a much better place.

I know he was in so much pain and he was so tired. That wasn’t my dad. My dad danced at our neighborhood block parties and although sometimes embarrassing, he did rock a good Chubby Checker twist dance. He walked many laps with me around Saticoy Street School in North Hollywood, California and taught me that men were ALWAYS supposed to walk on the outside of the sidewalk (PS. Eric always does!)

I know he’s up in Heaven wearing his blue button-down shirt, probably watching CNN, The Food Network, a football game or a Dodgers Baseball game. I bet the man upstairs even lets him enjoy a cold Budweiser too!

I know he sees how happy I am now. I know he sees how healthy my mom and I both are and how I really help to make sure she stays healthy, just like he did. Even though she probably thinks I am just nagging her…which I am. Ha!

I know that although he passed away five months before little Luna was born, he at least knew we were gonna name her after both Eric and him. A great sign from the very beginning of our relationship that Eric’s middle name is James.

I know he sees when Lily cries sometimes because she misses her Pap Pap but also sees how much she has grown into a beautiful young lady and what a good and kind-hearted girl she has become.

I know he sees when we eat a T-Bone steak in his honor or eat spicy foods and sausage. And by we, I mean mostly Eric who eats all of the same stuff as him!

I know I miss my dad but I have full confidence and excitement that someday we’re gonna be together again in the happiest place in the world. Not to be confused with the happiest place on earth where he took us all the time as kids.

I know my dad was pretty cool because if you check out that Polaroid picture at the top, you’ll see he was doing selfies long before selfies were a thing!

I know I love my Daddy!

XO Cindy

(aka Cinderella, Cinnamon, Cin )

TBT Mom Dad Lily


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