This feels real every single time.


Is it weird that it feels totally real but it’s not? Is it just me? Is it totally normal? Am I on too many pain meds for my broken foot? Oh wait, I am not taking any pain meds anymore. haha. Ok here’s the thing…when I have a dream, I usually remember almost everything about it. It’s weird. I always say I’m gonna write them all down and then write a book. I dream all of the time too. I have the dreams where I wake up and go right back to sleep and then continue the dream as if I had never woken up. I also have dreams where it’s the same dream over and over again. They could be separated by years but they are still the same. Two recurring dreams I usually have are the stuck in front of my High School locker and not being able to remember my locker combination one and then there’s the one where I get trapped in a falling elevator. Maybe I should get some therapy for those because there’s gotta be some meaning in there right? But then there are these weird “celebrity” dreams. No, not like THOOOOOSE kind of dreams. They aren’t romantic at all. They are just super real and so bizarro! This has happened four different times with “celebrities” over the course of my entire life. Some names you have probably heard of and some you might say, “who?” But whether it was ten years ago or the other day, they stay in my memory clear as day and it feels so real. I need to know if this happens to anyone else or it’s just my little crazy little Mom head. Let me run them down for you.

brandanfaserFirst ever memorable celebrity dream was with Brendan Fraser…ya know the guy from The Mummy. And while I used to have a little crush on him, in my dream he and I were just lying on the ground, heads touching but bodies opposite each other and we just talked. Talked and talked. I don’t remember about what but we talked forever and I woke up really happy!dennis

Then I had one about Dennis Quaid. We danced this beautiful and well choreographed dance. Like I was on Dancing With The Stars but the dream happened before Dancing With The Stars was even on television. The weird thing that I remember is I was wearing a super gorgeous flowy red dress and I looked HOT. lol Like the dress that used to be in the Campbell’s Soup commercial years ago. Oddly enough I interviewed him on my old morning radio show and totally forgot to mention it. Although I guess it was probably better that I didn’t because he sore sure would have thought I was like a stage five clinger!

Then I had one about Ryan Seacrest which seems like it could be a little more realistic because I’ve met him and interviewed him a fewryan times and he used to work at the radio station where I used to work. I mean NOT that he would remember even meeting me but in my dream we were sitting in my old office at my old radio station and he asked to sit in my lap and he talked to me about a million things. Bizarro right?

mortenharketThe most recent one was just the other day with Morten Harket, the lead singer of A-Ha. I used to loooooove him and A-Ha, they did that 80’s song “Take On Me.” Morten and I were having this really great conversation about 80’s music and we also talked about the sadness we felt about Stuart Adamson, the lead singer of 80’s band Big Country who took his life many years ago. We talked about how devastating itstuartadamson was and how we would never hear anymore music from Stuart or ever see Big Country tour etc. It was so real. I woke up really sad because I looooooved Stuart Adamson and Big Country too and the odd thing is that Stuart died like 15 years ago. Side note: I did get to meet him once years ago when he and I both lived in Nashville at the same time. It was lovely but that’s a whole other post!

Ok, so now that I’ve exposed my crazy dream side, please tell me if this has ever happened to you and who and what you’re dreaming about so I don’t feel like I’m the only one coo coo for cocoa puffs! 😉

XO Surviving Mommy

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