This happened at a concert not just once, but TWICE!

Donnie Wahlberg

I have worked in radio my entire life so I would be lying if I said I didn’t get to do alot of cool stuff and meet alot of cool people. Yes, I have seen concerts for free and have even gone backstage. I would say 99% of the time though, it’s work and while OBVIOUSLY it is not a difficult job and it is definitely fun…it is still work. I don’t usually get to be in touch with my inner geek and be a total dork at concerts. I have to be “professional” ha!

Last year, one of my BFF’s (Heather) and I went to see Garth Brooks. Our seats were up in the 300’s at the arena but we didn’t care. We were celebrating her birthday and it was GARTH FREAKING BROOKS. Hello! While at the show, a teeneger approached us and asked if we knew why Garth left the first few rows open at his concerts. We had NO idea what he was talking about so we both said, “I dunno” and he continued to explain to us that he leaves those open for his fans. At this point, we were clueless so we simply said, “Wow, well that is really nice of him!” lol. He then said…”like you guys. Are you big fans?” (Cue the light bulb!) “Yes! Yes we are!!” He then handed us two tickets for the SECOND ROW! The rest of the night was a happy blur!

nkotb2This past weekend was New Kids On The Block. Myself along with three of my besties (Heather, Marylouise and Chandra) bought our tickets way back in the beginning of the year, the day they went on sale. We bought what we could afford (aka cheap seats) but we didn’t care, we were going to NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! I was super fortunate to have interviewed them for my radio show two years ago the last time they came through Atlanta and got to meet my childhood crush Donnie Wahlberg. Side note…I met him once back in high school when I stalked his hotel like  afreak and took a HORRIBLE picture so fast forward to NKOTB5that interview two years ago, I got to have a picture re-do and it was awesome. Awesome cus he also joked about being sad that I was married… but littttttle did we all know at that time that he was in the middle of being in love with Jenny McCarthy. And there is that whole I totally love my husband thing too, sorry Donnie! 😉

So over the weekend when we went to the NKOTB show, it was more about bonding with the girls in our bad cheap seats and singing all of the words to the songs from our childhood. I love to show my daughter the grown up girl bonding that we do so she understands how important having good girlfriends are in your life. (See last week’s blog about all of that!)

Well low and behold, a similar freak Garth Brooks upgrade experience happened at New Kids On The Block and we got upgraded to not only the front row but to four stools practically on the stage. It.was.insane!!! We all squealed like little NKOTB4girls and danced for three hours straight as if we were auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance! It was one of the best girls nights ever! Oh and of course New Kids put on yet another awesome show!!

So maybe there is something to buying the cheap seats after all! lol Has an upgrade ever happened to you???

XO Surviving Mommy



Fun extra video note.  Our friend Heather recorded Marylouise and me singing “Tonight” to each other. Yahhhh, we thought she was just snapping pictures of us until we realize (as you can see in our faces) that she was recording us! WE ARE DORKS!!!!! Nothing like reliving your childhood in public! I was gonna edit it down to spare you… but why not enjoy all two and a half minutes of our total dorkness! lol And clearly while the New Kids were off running around in the audience, we were having way more fun entertaining each other!

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