This is NOT going to be one of those Working Moms vs Stay At Home Moms blog. Ever.


In this particular blog, I want to ONLY talk to the MOMS who have experience working outside of the home or who have ever worked outside of the home.  Which is more difficult (for you) in your opinion? Your work outside of the home or taking care of your children?  A good friend recently shared this article with me and I found it pretty interesting.  Three women admitted that motherhood was much more exhausting than their office job. What do you think? And before we go any further, the one thing you will never find me doing on this blog is judging what any other Mothers chose to do. I believe if we all focused on uplifting other mothers and women, instead of judging and tearing them apart, we would all be a little happier.

I had a unique situation. For years I worked a morning job that required me being at work VERY early in the morning while my children were mostly asleep. After putting in my “day at the office”, I got to come home (usually by lunchtime) and experience my other full time job, that of a stay at home mom. I gotta tell you, in my opinion and my own experience…the working mother thing coupled with motherhood thing is HARD.  But which is harder? A job outside of the home OR the job you do inside of the home? I guess I can’t really answer that because I did both.  I will say though that I think all moms work hard. No blowing smoke here, it’s the truth! Whether you mostly work out of the house or in the house or even both…motherhood is no walk in the park.

I think the thing that keeps ME going is the I Love You’s.  Really. Sounds silly but it’s the truth.  Anytime I feel overwhelmed or exhausted from working or motherhood or both…all one of my daughters has to say is I LOVE YOU and I remember why I work so hard. To hear those three little words.

SO I go back to my initial question, in your opinion, which is more difficult for you? Motherhood or your job outside of the house? 

XO Surviving Mommy