This is true love!

When we started our Christmas Eve Pj’s at Waffle House tradition a few years ago, it wasn’t matching pajama’s. It was just pajama’s. Which in itself was kinda silly. Well this year, I decided to surprise my family with matching pj’s. (Thank you on sale at Target!). I thought I might be met with some frowny faces, particularly from my husband and rightfully so as these are long john looking pajamas. lol However, not a frowny face was to be seen. The only faces I saw were happy, let’s do this, family smiles. I was surprised but I guess not really. My family rocks. They are always up for any and all silly adventures and that’s kinda what I love about our family. We are silly. We definitely do not take ourselves seriously. At all. This is what life is all about. Laughing and having fun.  And for that I say to my family, thank you and I love you.

What silly traditions do you have in your family???!

XO Surviving Mommy

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