Our 2014 family country Christmas card!

HOHOHOWe haven’t send out a Christmas card in probably about eight years. For real. I don’t even have a really good reason except, I just didn’t get around to it. Well this year, I was getting around to it.

We recently moved from the city to the “country” and anyone who knows us, knows this was a little bit of a shock to say the least. Many of our friends teased us about milking cows, churning butter…all of the country jokes, but the truth is…I LOVE THE COUNTRY! I have such a sense of peace and happiness here that I never felt in the city. I now look so forward to punching out of work and making the 45 minute drive home to the country. Our daughters LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here too and we all spend so much more time together outdoors! It’s like being on vacation all of the time!

Carnell Selects-005I knew as soon as we moved here that I wanted to do a funny “country” Christmas card so I jumped on eBay and started ordering overalls for the family. lol (I kept my Gap overalls from the ’90’s so I was set! lol) Ironically, we all (except for the girls-thank you Target) had plaid shirts so we were good to go! We enlisted the help of our sweet family friend and AH-mazing photographer Andy Brophy from One Nine Images who also did our wedding pictures to come visit our new country ‘hood and snap away. He hooked us up with his gorgeous hair/make-up friend Linda Margarita (cus I have ZERO make-up and hair skills) and we were ready to go. It was a perfect setting outside (thank you God!) and the goal for the day was to capture the silliness that is our family and the joy we have when we are together!

What do you think??? :o)

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho Y’all!

XO Surviving Mommy

Carnell Selects-001

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