This is what I look like on Day 1.


I am not a fan of the whole exercise thing. Meaning. I don’t get up thinking…wow, I can’t wait to get out there and run or get to the gym and get on the elliptical! Ugh! Yah, not me at all. I envy those of you who do. So when I told my husband I was gonna start running with our nine year old daughter, he looked at me funny but said, “awesome, go for it!” For the record, I do enjoy Yoga and Pilates and I can walk like Forrest Gump but other than that, you will never and I mean NEVER catch me at the gym or running a 5k.

However, I am not getting any younger, healthier or thinner just sitting around doing nothing so I decided today was going to be the first day…aka Day 1 to make a change.  My RUNdaughter Lily joined me and she was super excited to get up early and go for a run with Mommy. I was even excited too. Ok, that’s a total lie. lol Excited would be a bit of an exaggeration. But I still got up anyway. We split a banana, did a little stretching and off we went. Running. It wasn’t bad at first and I thought ok, I can do this. Then we got to a hill and I said, ok let’s walk this first hill which she was more than happy to do. lol #LikeMommyLikeDaughter Once we got over the hill, we got to running again. All in all, we ran a third of the way and walked at a fast pace the rest of the way. So there you have it. That is as good as it got on day one. I guess you could say it was more of a walk/run but we did do four miles which I think is pretty darn good for the first day.

I don’t know if Lily will be joining me on day two though. Halfway through our first walk/run she started in on the complaining until I gently reminded her that she was walked MUCH more than that during one 12 hour day at Disney World. lol I didn’t give up today though as much as I wanted to, because I wanted to show her that we are not quitters, that we could do this and we did. I try to be a good strong example for her and even if she doesn’t run with me anymore, I hope she sees that I am not giving up. And God willing, I won’t!

Day 1…done!

Wish me luck for day 2!

XO Surviving Mommy



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