Rice jeebs me out and I can’t really tell you why!

Rice. rice2

I love to eat it. Whether it’s white, brown, fried, spanish…whatever. I love rice. HOWEVER, if my kid is eating it, I don’t wanna be near it because I don’t like to clean it up. It has become a funny thing in our house between my hubster Eric and me. He knows without a doubt, if our youngest daughter Luna is eating rice, I don’t want ANYTHING to do with cleaning it up.  She, like probably every other kid who eats rice, gets it everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It used to be all over the high chair and the floor. Now it’s all over the table and her booster seat AND the floor. Little grains of sticky yucky rice everywhere. EVERYWHERE and I can’t stand it. lol I will clean up pee pee, throw up…even poo, but NO rice. What is wrong with me??!!!

I can’t explain it. Is anyone else like this? Totally weird about something silly like this? Please tell me there is one of you out there reading this who is also a goob like me! lol

XO Surviving Mommy

PS. However, I am obsessed with her new bib where alot of the icky sticky rice does end up. Thank you Silikids for the best bib ever! 🙂

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