This song plays over and over and OVER again in our car. No, really.

favorite songYou know that moment when your favorite song comes on the radio and it’s like awwwwww yahhhhh…hands go up, you start car dancing, you know…like it’s the first time you have EVER heard your favorite song before right?! Yah, well that has happened in the most obsessive way with our three year old daughter.

Last year, many months before we took her on her first official trip to Walt Disney World, I wanted to get her ready. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom so of course it NEEDS to be hers too right?! I kid, I kid. But in anticipation of her riding the sort of scary ride, I looked on Amazon for the Haunted Mansion song. Yep, it has a song. A soundtrack if you will. Truthfully, I wanted the part where the narrator speaks in the elevator and then also the song which is called Grim Grinning Ghosts but the actual Haunted Mansion soundtrack was out of my price range. Apparently, it’s some collector thing now because they only made 999 of them. However, they did have another Haunted Mansion two song version. Side note …the Barenaked Ladies covered the Grim Grinning Ghostdisney3 song for the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy. I didn’t want her to be scared of the ride on her first time and the song is so fun and I thought it would get her in the mood. So the CD came before our trip and she fell in love with it. Love might even be an understatement. Obsessed really. The funny thing is there is literally only two tracks on it, a sort of ghost story and then the Grim Grinning Ghost song. Well, all she wants to do is listen to it over and over and OVVVVVER. No joke, ALL OF THE TIME. She knows all of the words and she is obsessed. As in every single time we get in the car, it’s the first thing she asks me to do. “Mommy, will you please put on Haunted
Mansion??!!!” It’s been almost six months and her love for this song has not waned one bit. She even has her older sister totally into it too. Ok, who am I kidding?! Our whole family dorks out when it’s on because it’s just so dang silly and fun and it makes us all smile!

What is that song that you could listen to it 1000 times and you would never tire of it? In fact, every time it comes on, you start that in seat tushie shaking and singing like you are Mariah  Carey in the car? Comment below with your favorite sing in the car song!

XO Surviving Mommy

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