This workout is INSANITY…literally.

T25So recently when I stepped on my Wii Fit Balance Board, it weighed me and told me I had gained 17.1 pounds since my last visit which was approximately five years ago. Whoopsie! Nothing like a computer telling you that you need to lose weight. lol Well, that day I decided I was gonna need to do something about it.

Besides the obvious, “appearance” reason, being a Cancer Survivor, it has now more become about the being “healthy” reason. While I don’t eat unreasonably unhealthy, I really have slacked off in the exercise department since I got sick and had a baby…(all in the last almost four years, mind you). So I started making changes immediately…I have been back to doing Wii Just Dance which is great work out and I also decided to try something insane. Literally. This Insanity T25 program. I saw it on one of those informercials but went to eBay to buy it. hee hee I officially started it today and figured if I blogged about it that I would become more accountable. We’ll see.

Anyway, for it being only 25 minutes…it kicked my tush! It also could have been because I hate working out and I am so ridiculously out of shape. Either way, I did it and I have one day done. You are supposed to do it for ten weeks. Fingers crossed. 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy

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