To the woman in the Chewbacca mask, I say this.

chewbacca-gif-today-160520_bc6cb04a8cb7f288a4cc70aa8cd97f0bDear Candace Payne,

You don’t know me, but we all know YOU now and all I want to say to you is, thank you. Thank you for making my ENTIRE day!

If you haven’t seen Candace Payne‘s video of her trying on a talking Chewbacca mask that she bought from Kohl’s as a birthday present for herself last Thursday afternoon, then just google “Woman in Chewbacca mask” and I promise you, it will be the FIRST thing that pops up. It truly might be the FUNNIEST video I have seen this year! I saw it pretty early Friday morning and when I saw it, I think it MAYBE had 10 million views. While writing this, I just looked and it was up to 102 million views with over three million shares. Candace’s video is the most-watched Facebook Live video of all time!! Candace is just a normal mom with a pretty amazing laugh. She posted a Facebook live video on Thursday afternoon and I can’t imagine she thought it would resonate like it did, but boy did it and for that, I am glad.

My whole entire reason for creating this website Surviving Mommy was to share with people how I find joy in surviving life. Whether you are married, divorced, single, kids, no kids, old, young, black, white, male, female, lol, you get the idea…life should be about finding joy. I say it all of the time. La Joie de Vivre. The joy of living. This woman Candace, well, she 100% found it and she shared it with the world and I cannot be anymore grateful that she did.

I love Stars Wars. Duh, if you know me, you saw our Christmas card last year…you know how I feel, so sure…Candace’s video resonated with meFile Dec 07, 12 04 12 PM instantly. But what really truly made me fall in love her is the absolute simple JOY she found from something so small and silly. Exactly something I try and do every day and something I try and teach my kids. Plus add Candace’s AH-mazing laugh and it’s the recipe for a perfect viral video. When I think of how I have watched it at least TEN times already and how EACH time, I cry from laughing so hard, it makes me happy to know that MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people are doing the same thing. Crying laughing along with Candace.

We’ve had a couple of pretty crazy health scares the few weeks in our house and waking up to that yesterday morning was like a gift from God. Really. Coincidentally, Candace and I have a mutual friend. I reached out to my sweet friend and asked her if among the thousands of requests that I am sure are POURING in for Candace, if she wanted to be on the radio with Kristen and me next week when I fill in on the country station 94.9 The Bull. She kindly passed along my request to Candace. We’ll see, but I told my sweet friend that even if we don’t end up talking to her on the radio, tell her thank you. Thank you for being a total light in a week when I definitely needed it.

chewbaccaMark my words, Candace will be on GMA, The Today Show and Ellen by mid week which makes me happy because she will get to continue to share her “simple joy” and her infectious laugh. I hope if Candace has taught us anything this week, besides I should have bought that Chewy mask yesterday morning (lol) because now they are over $100 on eBay, is that finding the simple joy in life is truly what it really is ALL about!

XO Surviving Mommy


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