Vacation cancelled.


We have been planning our family Summer vacation since the beginning of the year. Every year we try to do a “big” week long summer family vacation and it’s something we all look forward to for months and months. If you know me, you know our family loooooves to travel and do fun things together. We love to do our annual pass Disney weekends or little jaunts here and there to create memories and experiences together. I love, love, love planning little trips! Like, I seriously live for it. My husband calls me Cindy, the social cruise director of our family. ha. You also may (or may not) know that the last three weeks have been a pretty crazy and challenging time in our house. Two calls to 911, a week long hospital stay for Momma Jane, two sick children and a husband who passed out and got a broken nose and stitches in his nose and lip. To say we needed this upcoming break is an understatement!

All of that being said, unfortunately, my mom woke up with a pretty bad cold and cough yesterday and after speaking with her Doctors today, they advised her against taking this seven day Caribbean cruise. She of course encouraged us to go anyway because she is awesome like that, but my husband and I spoke about it and less than 30 seconds later we decided there was no way we could go without our Momma Jane. I knew it would make her sad to tell her of our decision because I knew she would feel guilty and that is NOT what we wanted at all. But honesty is the #1 rule in our house. And truthfully, we have taken plenty of trips without her but those trips are where she chooses not to go. She was really looking forward to this trip…this cruise. I mean, hello…she has been using self tanner all week. 🙂 But we made our family decision and it just doesn’t feel right so our vacation next week is cancelled.

Thankfully though, many months ago Carnival Cruise and I began a neat little relationship. This is how we, as writers make part of our living. We partner with brands that make sense for our familycarnival and make sense for me to talk about here on my blog. It’s much like those “celebrity endorsements” you see celebrities doing on television etc. In fact, we also had partnerships like this when I had my radio show. Radio personalities do this all of the time. It’s how we supplemented our income at the radio station. It’s such a great way to have relationships with brands and companies to be able to pass along information, product and deals to you, my online family.

So the happy ending to this story, besides my Momma Jane hopefully feeling better soon, is when I explained to Carnival what was happening with our family, they more than understood and offered to hopefully reschedule us at some point this year. Yay! Not only did they understand, they made sure to send well wishes for my mom and for us not to worry our little heads one single bit. It seemed like my mom’s well-being was more important to them than a cruise. Way to go Carnival!

Family is always more important than anything! And I know our family is so Blessed to get to do and have done some pretty amazing things together. For my husband and me, it’s like an all or none situation. Doesn’t make sense if we can’t all share in the life experience right?! And sure, my mom is disappointed. I’m disappointed. My husband is disappointed. The girls are disappointed. It’s like a big ol’ disappointment party up in our house that we aren’t going to the beach next week, BUT we are alive AND together and there is nothing disappointing about that.

Tonight, I will be counting my blessings instead of sheep! (That’s a throwback to one of my favorite songs from the musical White Christmas)

XO Surviving Mommy

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