Wait…I’m supposed to give THIS away??!!

I don’t fancy myself a “stylish” person which is why thankfully, I’m surrounded by friends who DO have a natural sense of style. Whether it’s the way they dress, do their make up, put an outfit together, whatever… I lean on them to learn about everything having to to do with style because me and style? Not so much. A couple of years ago when my very stylish Nashville bestie Chandra was visiting us, she was rockin’ a really cool key necklace. Yep, just a long chain with a key on it. But the key had a word on it. A message. FAITH. Of course I had to ask where it was from and what it was all about. She told me it was called a “Giving Key.”

A Giving Key? Here’s the deal. You purchase a key necklace with a word on it that you embrace, then you are encouraged to give it to someone who needs the message more than you. Oh and because that whole pay it forward idea isn’t amazing enough, the Giving Keys also employs those transitioning out of homelessness to make the repurposed key jewelry. Say what? Take all of my money. Now! Seriously, you have to read the story of how the founder Caitlin Crosby started it all!

That Christmas, my husband bought me a Giving Keys necklace with the word FAITH on it. I love it because our Faith means so much to me and our family. I also know he gave me that word because that was right around the time I was leaving my radio career and he knew how excited I was. Coincidentally, to go along with my new adventure, I decided that my new theme word was #Faithful. It was perfect! I love my FAITH key and wear it any chance I get. However, I have yet to give it away. lol Instead, I bought a few Giving Key necklaces as gifts and for now at least, I’m keeping the one my Hubster gave me. 

A few months ago I was invited to a dinner party called Art Over Dinner at a really cool place called the Serenbe Arts Farm in a beautiful place called Serenbe. Serenbe is an AHmazing progressive community connected to nature about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta and Art Over Dinner is a series of intimate gatherings with artists and personalities and the organizations that support their work. I went with my friend Jessica from Jessica Shops and we met up with my other friends Lorrie Ross from Wild Web Woman and her husband Darrell. At this particular Art Over Dinner, the guests were Britt Moore Gilmore, the President of the Giving Keys and Robert Benson, a team member of The Giving Keys. It was so neat to hear this man speak and share the story of his once homelessness and now employed, working and living independently story because of the Giving Keys. Not gonna lie, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. What a special man and a special story. I also got a new Giving Key with the word BREATHE on it and I looooove it!! I’m constantly thinking of how I need to just take a deep breathe sometimes, so I thought this key was another great reminder along with being #Faithful. Now to decide who and when to give this BREATHE key away.

I was not asked to partner with The Giving Keys to promote their story here. I am sharing it on my own because once in awhile, a special company comes along and you just have to share their amazingness because…duh, it’s just the right thing to do. Helping people transition OUT of homelessness WHILE making a purchase for yourself, that you can ALSO giveaway to someone else. All of this is just total goodness and I seriously wanna shout it out from the rooftops! Or at least on my blog here!


A. Buy a Giving Key and pass it on!

B. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

C. Share with a friend.

D. All of the above!

This is the stuff that makes the world a better place!

XO Surviving Mommy



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