Wanna see me in my Spanx?

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(Editor’s note: I shared this Spanx story one year ago and I’m sharing it again. Why? Because everyone needs a good laugh.)

Wanna see me in my Spanx? I’m gonna guess not one single woman in the history of women since Spanx existed in the universe has ever or WILL EVER ask that question, right? Recently, my husband came into the closet as I was shimmying into my Spanx and I squealed and in some demonic voice yelled, “GET OUT!!! YOU CANNOT SEE ME IN MY SPAAAANX!!!!” The reality is, Spanx are fantastic but man oh man, no one alive wearing Spanx wants ANYONE to see you getting INTO your pair of Spanx. Am I right or am I right?

Are you yelling AMEN CINDY at your computer right now?spanx

So let me tell you what happened last Summer to me and my Spanx. I was attending a blogger conference/toy fair in NYC. I was attending as an ambassador and also speaking on a panel that my friend Joey Fortman with Reality Moms was moderating with some pretty amazing women. (Maria Bailey with BSM Media, Rene Syler with Good Enough Mother and Jenn Frederick with FOX-TV/Philly) Part of my role as an ambassador and speaker was to have some unique experiences with different brands that were highlighting their company and/or product. One of the experiences I participated in was with a beautiful designer Lisa Sun and her fashion company called Project Gravitas. A few of us met with Lisa and learned more about Project Gravitas and what they do for women. Basically, Lisa makes AMAZINGLY beautiful dresses with shapewear BUILT INSIDE the dress. Yah, for real. As in, there is shapewear already INSIDE the dress, so you don’t need to wear…wait for it…SHAPEWEAR!

I showed up to this meeting in a flowy maxi dress with a little denim vest over it. Let me give you a little background on me first, so you can FULLY grasp the visual. lol I’ve had Breast Cancer reconstruction surgery and with that comes some changes to your breasts. Umm how do I put this, I didn’t finish my reconstruction because I couldn’t bear to have another surgery so let’s just say if you saw me naked, it would look like my girls were winking at you. Make sense? Ok, let’s move on from THAT ridiculously TMI visual. This particular day when I decided to wear my maxi dress and denim vest, two things happened when I got dressed.

  1. I wore Spanx!
  2. I wore no bra because I had a vest on that covered my dress.

So keep those two things in mind as I continue with my story. I didn’t realize that upon meeting with Lisa and her team, that they had pulled a bunch of lovely dresses in our size and were gifting us with one to take home. Score! BUT, she wanted to work WITH us to get the perfect fit, so she asked if we were comfortable, to try them on with her so she could help show us how the dress works. Are you hearing me? She wanted us to try them on WITH her!!! Look back at up at items #1 AND #2! Now for those of you who know me, I am not shy. My body is what it is and I have no problem having a sales clerk help me at the store. Ok, who am I kidding. I buy most of my stuff online so the only one trying on stuff with me, is well, me. ME! 

I got into the room with Lisa and realized…oh no, oh gosh, I have Spanx on practically up to my neck, NO bra annnnnd underneath my Spanx up to my neck is a pair of some old, NOT VERY CUTE, plain Jane undies. Oh AND I gotta try on these beautiful shapewear dresses IN FRONT of this lady who DESIGNED them. Just shoot me now. Really.

2015-07-17 15.53.30Lisa, couldn’t have been nicer. I mean, just so so sweet! I fell all over myself trying to explain to her why I wasn’t wearing a bra, why my boobs looked all jacked up AND why after I peeled off my Spanx to my neck, I wearing my least impressive pair of undies. (Ummm duh, because I didn’t think anyone would see them!) Lisa didn’t care. All that mattered is which dress of hers I felt good in. I’m sure she has seen a million different sizes of models and women in her career and seeing me was no different. Sigh. Thank you God.

Sometimes we just have to get past our own insecurities and realize that every single one of us has some sort of “thing” with our body, right?! It’s a part of life. And let’s be honest, we’re all just waking up, trying to do life, be a woman, be a mom, be a wife, a friend, whatever you are and we just don’t need to worry about silly stuff like this. Like come on, we are all on this together! Let’s enjoy life!

So last Fall, I took a weekend girls trip with one of my closest girlfriends Kristen and a bunch of her friends from her company who I didn’t know. Like, at all. One of of the days on the trip as I was getting dressed in this condo we were all sharing, I put on my Spanx that apparently I had torn somehow in the most INconvenient area. Let’s just say if I tooted, it would no longer be trapped in my Spanx. (I know you are BEGGING me to stop with the visuals huh?!) Anywho, I came out of my room IN my Spanx with the “air hole” visible AND just my bra. I ran out in front of these women that I didn’t know (remember, AT ALL) and did a little dance. I wanted them to laugh and be reminded that we are all the same even though we are all different! It was a funny moment and I instantly bonded with them and we’ve been friends ever since

So thank you Spanx, Lisa Sun, Project Gravitas and shapewear wearing women everywhere for reminding me that I am not alone in this crazy world of being a woman!

XO Surviving Mommy




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